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MessyMedieval – Historical/Fantasy Build Server 「Plots | WorldEdit」

We are a Minecraft creative community and server with a strong interest in historical and realistic architecture. Our core aim is to create immersive and believable builds with fully interactive interiors at human scale, in vanilla Minecraft.

Anyone is welcome to build on the MessyMedieval server. We have a freeplots world that is open to the public, with no restrictions on world edit or other building tools. Furthermore we have a flexible plot system allowing plots to be merged to reach a desired size.

MessyMedieval has a rank progression system where users can submit their builds for approval, gaining access to larger plots and challenging themselves further in an effort to reach the rank of Master within the community.

We have a friendly and welcoming community, Join us today!

  Server features:

  • Creative Mode
  • Building Plots
  • Free WorldEdit
  • Custom plugins
  • Build submissions & coaching
  • Categories
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    Recrafted Civilizations [Opening Soon]

    Hello and welcome to Recrafted Civilizations!

    Who are we?
    Recrafted Civilizations is a long-standing Historical Roleplay server which is set in the year 1848. We use an Earth map and we allow players to join and lead nations from the year 1848. Recrafted has been around since 2013 and is now coming back after a short hiatus which has allowed us to improve the server and the fundamental mechanics of how the server operates. We are now back with new, innovative ideas which no one else in the Historical RP genre offers.

    What do we offer?
    Recrafted offers a wide variety of features, such as technology trees for nations through our factory system which lets players invest resources into their factories to get a technology advantage over other nations. Example technologies are better guns, more efficient production methods and many more.
    Players are able to join an immersive RP environment, develop their characters and conduct diplomacy between nations. Wether you want to lead your nation to create new allies, go to war for resources and territory, work alongside nation members to build entire cities or simply enjoy hanging out in the local tavern to make friends, there are many possibilities for you here at Recrafted.

    How can I play?:
    The server is currently preparing for it’s official launch on October 9th 2020. In the mean time, we invite you to find out more about Recrafted and the community by joining us on our discord at:


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    Chaumentais Reborn

    Towny | Ranks | MCMMO | Muskets | Brewery | Advanced Banking | And much, much more!

    Chaumentais Reborn is a new Towny and economy server, set in Southwestern Europe during the early eighteenth century! Create or join a Town, gather resources, and build together on our professionally designed map of Southern France, Northwestern Italy, and Northern Spain.

    Forge your own path, and rebuild the Empire!

    Minecraft IP:

    Discord Server:

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    Historia – Historical RP

    Welcome to Historia! We are a casual roleplay server set roughly around
    115 A.D. – 450 A.D.

    Notable plugins/features:
    -Scaled map of the Earth
    -Hardcore plugin
    -Thirst (Temporarily disabled)
    -NPC Merchants
    -NPC guards
    -Realistic item restrictions
    -Custom Doors
    -Roleplay as a mercenary
    -Food spoilage

    Please take a moment to check out our website to learn more.


    We’ve got Discord! Linking your account to the game will enable you to send messages on the server through Discord (use /discord link while in-game and message the unique digits you receive to our bot, Historia#4103)! As an added bonus, you’ll be able to easily and quickly reach staff with your concerns.