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MemeCraft Network

The MemeCraft Network is a minigames/survival smp server, we are a thriving community that is developing and expanding everyday. When you join our server you’ll be greeted with friendly staff and a welcoming player base, our server provides a range of things to do like spleef, tntrun, survival smp, and weekly events. Along with all the stuff you can do on the server we also have content creators the live stream the server and play with all of the players in the player base. So join us today and have a fun and exciting adventure on the MemeCraft Network with all your friends so join today.

Anarchy Auctions Ecnomy Lottery Shop Survival

Anarchists Economics 1.18.2

Anarchist Economics 1.18.2
Economic ´╗┐Semi-Anarchy

  • Land Claim
  • Item Shop – In game cash ONLY
  • Lottery
  • Lucky Crates – in game cash ONLY
  • Daily Rewards
  • Custom Enchants
  • Auction house
  • Bank for items,money PLUS EXP
  • Starter kit (one-time)
  • Cross-platform between Java/Bedrock

  • No Item Hacks, X-Ray Hacks, Teleport Hacks, Flying Hacks, Time hacks, or enabling No-clip.
  • Cheaters WILL be banned without Recourse!
  • Going forward it will work on a honour system. Let’s have fun and minimize an unfair Playing field.
  • Duping will not be accepted by our community. Play Fair
  • Port 25648 bedrock Players
  • Java Players

  • Categories
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    RushVanilla | Fast Paced Survival PvP

    Rush Vanilla provides a survival pvp experience like no other. We are a crossplay network, meaning we offer bedrock support.

    Rush Vanilla’s objective is to get you out on the battlefield as quick as possible without grinding. We have fast paced gameplay and custom features to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Will you be number 1?

    Server features:
    -A custom /shop to get players geared quickly!

    -A bounty system so you can get other players to do your dirty work!

    -A lottery system that drops 100k per hour!

    -A fast paced gamemode that keeps you in the fight!

    Server runs on 1.18.1

    Discord server: