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Our Lord Christ SMP – A small server with a big love for Jesus, join us in faith and in fun!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” (Matthew 6:21).

Our Lord Christ (OLC) SMP is a server for all of those looking to cherish and celebrate their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. OLC is a community where you can build freely without worrying about grief or theft; work collaboratively on whatever projects you dream up and meet new brothers & sisters in Christ along the way.

Our rules are simple and reflect the lessons taught in the New Testament. Appreciate one and other; show love and compassion to your brothers & sisters in Christ; do no harm unto others; spread the gospel of Christ as far and wide as you can, and behave in a fashion that reflects your understanding that G*d is always watching.

What sets us apart:

  • Our Discord Server reflects our values. It is not polluted with obscenities, it isn’t filled with needless bots or roles, rather, it is a place to share wisdom, express gratitude, and worship together. The voice chat is reasonably active and the community is friendly.
  • We have a diamond-based vanilla economy and a robust shopping district. Build a business and watch it grow and thrive.
  • Land-claim and rollback plugins make vandalism virtually impossible. Our staff members are responsive and helpful — if you have any issues with griefing or theft, let a staff member know and we’ll get it fixed promptly.
  • We like to keep things simple. There aren’t any roles, obnoxious prefixes, and technicolor nicknames; you will never be solicited for donations, and there is absolutely no pay-to-win or buyable cosmetics or any of that sin.
  • OLC is primarily composed of USA, CA, and EU players. The server is hosted in North America (Toronto), and peak hours are typically afternoon/night EST. The server is relatively small, and the server hardware is robust, so lag is minimal.
  • Our Lord Christ SMP is still a relatively new server, so you won’t have to work too hard to make new friends, find a place to collect resources and build, and make a name for yourself. Feel free to hop on and check us out!

    115survival Antigrief Birthday Crates Economy Friendly Griefprevention Jobs Keepinvetory Lottery Mcmmo Minecraftserver Needstaff Noswear Peaceful Safe Survival Towns

    MCFriendly Survival [1.15.2] [No-Grief | Keep-Inventory]

    ✸ MCFriendly ✸
    Friendly Survival ➠ KeepInventory ➠ Jobs ➠ Custom Crates ➠ McMMO ➠ GriefPrevention ➠ Custom Quests ➠ Player Market

    MCFriendly has prided itself as being one of the safest and ‘friendliest’ Minecraft communities that has ever existed. MCFriendly was created with one goal in mind: To facilitate a fun, friendly, and stress-free Minecraft server and experience, without worry about toxicity or griefing. The intention is to create a place where all players are welcome, regardless of their background. Along with this, MCFriendly was established as a “player’s” server, meaning that there is a majority rule where ALL player’s voices are given a platform. MCFriendly was established officially on June 27th, 2017, and is now almost 3 years old!

    400 positive ratings and over 300 diamonds! Thank you!

    MCFriendly features an extremely diverse and receptive community. On top of this amazing community, our server features plugins such as GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs(Reborn), along with leveled mobs, custom bosses, and unique and custom rewarding systems (such as crates, voting, etc.)

    Main Features:
    ✓ Claim Protection
    ✓ JobsReborn
    ✓ Keep Inventory
    ✓ MCMMO
    ✓ Silk Spawners
    ✓ Chest Shops
    ✓ Player Warps
    ✓ Custom BAR API
    ✓ Loot Crates
    ✓ 1.15.2 Compatible

    Server Specs:
    ✓ 20 GB RAM
    ✓ 50 Slots
    ✓ 1 concurrent server
    ✓ Optimized Server Plugins, Property Files and Jar File

    IP: | |

    MCFriendly is now back in action! Become apart of our expanding community today 🙂