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Sammy’s Pixelmon Adventure!

Check out the Discord for instructions on installation!

Welcome to our custom Pixelmon modpack server! Are you ready to put your skills to the test in our challenging gyms and battle against the Elite Four?

But that’s not all – our server also features unique custom towns, each with their own distinct personality. Imagine building your own home in a bustling city or setting up shop in a quiet countryside village. The possibilities are endless!

As we grow, we want to create a welcoming community of players to populate the cities and explore the vast world of Pixelmon. You can even purchase your own property to buy, sell, and trade with other players.

And if you’re looking for something to do, grab your camera and go on a Pixelmon hunt – snap some amazing pictures of the creatures you encounter!

Join us now and be a part of our exciting server adventure.

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Pixelmon SoulSilver, Mincecraft 1.12.2, Pixelmon 8.4.2, New Server, Pixelmon events, NPC gymleaders, shiny starters, some plugins are still in beta, No Dynamax, apply for staff on the Pixelmon server website! Voting still a work in progress.

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Chillin’ SMP

Hello, and thank you very much for checking us out!

We are a Pixelmon: Reforged server. We noticed that a lot of other Pixelmon servers had one thing in common: They all would influence Pay to Win behavior. Here in Chillin’ SMP, we proudly say that you and other players won’t have to spend anything to get ahead! If we do add such an option, it would help the whole server at the time, rather than just the individual.

On Chillin’ SMP, we plan events, tournaments, and player Gyms for players to face! We still are making them and such, and are looking for more individuals who would like to provide a bit of a challenge! Or perhaps you would want to challenge them instead? In this world, it’s up to you, and we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Don’t forget to also join in on the discord! We’re pretty active there when we hang out!

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Craftbros V2 Pixelmon Server

Welcome to CraftBros V2! Originally created in 2013. The Pixelmon server ran for years providing tons of great memories for all with our small but friendly community & Staff, Player based Gym leaders and much more. After many years it is time for the return of CraftBros! With the following features..

  • Pixelmon Reforged 8.0.2
  • GTS Player Owned Shops
  • Player Based GymLeaders
  • SafeFactions
  • PvP-Disabled
  • Free Roam
  • Pixelmon Reward Crates & Keys
  • Gym Leaders Required
  • Safari-Zone
  • Complete Server built
  • Biomes warps
  • Voting Rewards
  • Pokemall
  • Anti-Grief
  • Donation Rewards & Much More!
  • Please feel free to stop by and say Hello! If you have any issues installing the correct mods you can visit our Forums page & our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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    Pangea Pixelmon

    Welcome to PangeaCrafts first Pixelmon server. Our main map is based off of the johto region. All towns have been created aswell as the finished gyms. Come join us on a adventure. Become the best Pixelmon master you can be.



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    Pixel-Nexus is a new and different Pixelmon server with nice staff.

    We offer you an unique Pixelmon experience with lots of fun and great moments for both players and staff this
    started out as a server for teaching the basics about server setup but have turned out to be so much more.
    We offer you PvP and a arena for that, we also have Live gymleaders and staff that is often online to help you out.
    Join the fun and be part of something that will grow to something bigger.

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    MonstroMon Pixelmon 3.4

    MonstroMon 2.0 for Pixelmon 3.4!
    A revamp of the old MonstroMon with all new Pokemon, Towns
    ranks, gymleaders & more!
    Have you ever been looking for a Pixelmon server with awesome towns, and great community. Where you can easily protect your
    houses and become the very best? Well your in the right place!
    No Npc gymleaders that are easy to beat either, you’ll have to battle real trainers! After completing a short tutorial, embark on an amazing adventure!
    Pixelmon 3.3.1 Download:
    Want to apply to become a Gymleader or a Staff Member?
    Apply here:

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    Welcome to the land of I-Pixelmon,

    On I-Pixelmon you and you friends can enjoy the delights youd encounter in the game of Pokemon! Whats different? Well, of course its in minecraft! You can catch Legendary pokemon, battle others, and even fight our gym leaders!

    How are we different from other servers? Well, you have the option of building and claiming your own house!

    We are a Network ran server that has been online since December of 2012. We give our players expected uptime as well as no resets or worry of progress being gone from an unexpected server closure like most new servers nowadays.