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Pokémon but we try to have fair trading and stuff. its just the latest version of the pixelmon mod pack on curseforge. if you have questions join discord:

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Crimson Pixelmon

Crimson Pixelmon is my newest server for Pixelmon running 8.2.4 Pixelmon on 1.12.2 Minecraft. (I do not intend to update to 1.16 Pixelmon due to Plugins and systems exclusive to 1.12 Minecraft)

We have custom Textures for pokemon, Custom Plugins allowing for a fresh experience, and a custom made Points system to allow players to gain anything a server would normally have in a store, without spending any real money. (The server does not have a store and if it does it will be for Cosmetics only, no Pay to Win advantages like most servers have)

We also have Server Wide World Bosses which up to 30 people at a time can participate in fighting for a chance to win big prizes.

For Rankings I have developed a Custom built Battle Tower which you rank up as you progress through the 4 Tiers of the battle tower, then have to defeat the Super Boss at the final stage of the tower.

Upcoming Plans: Player Based Economy with a Player Built Mall. Player Run Gyms/Elite 4 System. NPC Based Gyms and Elite 4. Custom Pokemon variants including alternate Typings, a Safari Zone, A Pixelmon Jobs system, and more.

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We run a Fun & Friendly server with plug ins including:-
~One player sleep
~1.19 Version
~24/7 Active
~Hard Mode
~Caves & Cliffs Active
~PVP in our arena
~Mob waves in our arena
~Voting Rewards
~An Achievement System Active
~Discord Mini Games Including Pokemon
~Grief Pevention
~Claim Land
~Slime Fun
~Shopping district and trading
~Warps and many more…
The longer you play you will earn claim blocks to extend your land or save for your second home. This server is set to hard mode survival. We are on 1.18.2 update. We have in chat games and also give rewards for voting. We have mini games which we play as a group server such as treasure hunts and many more…
if you looking for a friendly server then what are you waiting for? Looking forward to seeing you there!

Discord :-

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PokeGod’s is the new fun, and simple Pixelmon Forged server.

Come have a good time with friends and enjoy the lovely world of Pixelmon on PokeGod’s!

Your Pokemon Await You!

*We are currently in beta so any issues please email us in via the mentioned email on the server*

Pixelmon Reforged Version 1.12.2

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AstroCraft Network

The best minecraft server to have fun for you and your friends, we have the best game mode, the best staff and, AstroCraft is the most updated server EVER!

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Jirachi Craft


– 7x Spawn Rates
– Increased Pokemon level cap
– 20% off store-wide launch sale

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We Are Hosting A Pixlemon Minecraft Server ( Pokémon )
we have a very Active Admin and Mod Team and the server is always getting new Updates
We recently just added an economy to the server! plus an admin shop where you can grind items to sell and clime your way to the top!

Are You a Streamer/Youtuber? Perfect! Let us know and we will be giving you special tags in the discord and Minecraft Server so people know to check you out!
Not only is our server here to let people have fun and catch Pokémon, our second goal is to build a wonderful Pokémon Minecraft server Open to the Public were people can build their own community’s while helping our community grow!


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Project: Shiba Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2




Project: Shiba provides a unique Pixelmon experience! Our server features raids, a massive safari, pokemon invasions, battletower, gyms, pokestops, crates, and poketokens! We also feature chat games! Earn poketokens by answering GEN. 1 trivia or winning a chat typing challenge.

Other features:
– Starter Kit with Shiny Item
– Keep inventory
– Daily Quests
– Playtime contests
– Mining world
– MMO-type Skills
– Admin Shop
– Materials Shop
– Time/Weather Menu
– Biomes ‘o Plenty Overworld
– custom textures
– EV training
…and more!

If you need help, join our Discord!

Pixelmon: Reforged brought to you by the reforged team:

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Pixelmon Mysteries

Welcome to Pixelmon Mysteries!
This is the most competitive pokemon server you will ever see!
Right now we are in alpha testing!!
You can make your own
player shops,
you can make your own towns and teams
and more!

Come and stop by on Pixelmon Mysteries!! Have a great day !
1. Download the require mods with forge

Pixelmon Reforged

2. Join the server


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Soul Networks Pixelmon

Enjoy all that Minecraft has to offer with the addition of Pokemon! Our Custom Modpack includes Biomes O’ Plenty, which adds a variety of new biomes and blocks to the game. We also use JourneyMap which adds a mini-map and the ability to add waypoints. We feature the use of Pixelmon, which adds an engaging RPG aspect to the game paired with nearly 900 different Pokemon to catch.

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