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Hot Girls Minecraft Server

There is a reason why girls with fantastic breasts like Minewind so much, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason they are so big may be because it’s a very good fit for them with the rest of their anatomy.

The fact that girls with fantastic breasts get all sorts of weird requests from boys is so weird I wish I didn’t know about it, but, hey, I can only imagine what it might be like for girls who have been with boys their entire lives. Because then they might not be able to do their current and former girlfriend stuff. It’s weird.

Hot girl relaxing on a crafted white bed after playing Minecraft

No wonder that girls with large breasts are often accused of cheating and cheating is such a big deal that these days everyone has a story about someone they know having cheated/getting caught lying about their past.  (I know a few people who’ve had their boyfriends stop talking to them on the phone, and then the girl goes out and they don’t see each other for a while.)

Hot girl crafting a bucket of milk in Minecraft

If you think about it, the only way you could avoid cheating from a guy would be if he was really good at seducing you and you really wanted to cheat on him, and you could cheat with the girl, but if he ever stopped trying to get you to cheat, that wouldn’t work either.  The only way he could stop taking care of you (a pretty high bar) would be if he wasn’t really

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Hello and welcome!

MineWeb Network Presents

Welcome to MineWeb Survival. We have an exciting 1.12.2 world with custom terrain to be explored!

The server is 99,99 uptime forever, so if you’re looking a dedicate yourself to a small, but growing community, this is your chance!

We have many premium plugins that have been fully configured and updated to give you smoothest experience possible!

Our server is home to a small community of respectful players that have played on the MineWeb Survival server
over the years. Joining our discord via the in-game-command /discord will be an integral part keeping
you updated and informed on the workings of the server, as well as announcements and community.

We are an economy based server, resource selling, shops, farming, grinding, quests & more!
You can earn money to achieve ranks, which in turn to unlock more commands and permissions.

We have the premium, lands protection system to prevent theft & grief.

I am definitely looking for active servers to help with things like building, moderating, administration & plugin support.

If you excel at any of these things please feel free to message me on discord.

Some Of Survival’s Features :
➲ Custom Terrain
➲ Crates
➲ Deadly Diseases
➲ Land Claiming
➲ Custom Enchants & Custom Crafting and Recipes
➲ PetsAnd much more!

(Gamemode is constantly updated, staff are friendly and we welcome bug reports to improve our server!)

Store :
Discord :

Owner’s discord :

Hope to see you there!

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