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Starch Survival { 1.17.1 } Looking for New Friends | Aesthetics ★ Diverse Custom Biomes ★ Seasons & Weather ★ RPG Elements ★ Whitelist

Who Are We?

Our story begins with you, the adventurer, beginning the first chapter named Soul. Starting the lore anew from one server to the next to eventually us, and awakening to a fresh scent of features possibly never seen before. We want to share what was meant to be a community for friends is now a community for the public. For now we grow with you to be limited and starting a meager introduction to this competitive environment but we’d hope for your understanding that features will not be fully polished and complete. If you’d like to grow with us, then by all means please give us a visit and let us know what you think.

Note that we force Discord verification to join the server is as a form of whitelisting. This is for mitigating bots and nurturing true stories from the members joining (possibly) each day, but that’s not the only reasons either. The creativity and explosive ideas we once had from playing together on other SMP plugin-modified servers were crazy to have nearly manifest them into a living Minecraft server project with high goals and dreams of venturing with you personally in-game because we want more friends to share these ideas and simply enjoy them. Eventually the server will be fully open-open, no Discord verification but still be there if players desire it, but a basic process of click to join and you resume where you left your pen at.

Age or gender does not matter. What matters to us is that you really feel like you’re enjoying our presence, feeling true to yourself, giving the feedback you need, and also replying in return what could be fixed or thought about to improve ourselves as a server, community, and person.

How the Real Story Begins…

As the realm grows, adventurers survive in the desolate worlds, learning new advancements in skills and technology to endure their surroundings and adapt. Furthermore, NPCs attempts to prosper are futile by the aggression near them, and the land’s soulless empathy ravages the plane to only unleash fury upon its inhabitants…

Survivors who experience defeat and share stories of their journey with fellow kin are candidates to be entrusted with a grand title. A title bestowed only on those who have toiled endlessly and devoted their lifetimes to grasping the stars. These traits are found to gain wealth in the shape of a divine, drifting estate and fame from the mystical lore of books.

Our Server Features

★ Beautiful, Diverse Custom Biomes w/ Seasons and Weather.
★ RPG elements such as Leveled Mobs based on Player power, Tools, Damage Indicators, Duel Wielding, and more unique Enchantments.
★ Quality of Life plugins that enhance Visual Mechanics.
★ Slime4fun, but imo, any server could host SF and be called “unique”.
★ Join the server from any version on 1.14.4+ but we recommend 1.16.1 at least.
★ Other plugins like GriefPrevention claims, PlayerVaults, crates (not p2w), Jobs, or Graves.
★ And even more features that I can’t think of right now!

* Showcase screenshots are from all in-game with shaders pack “BSL” and definitely more biomes than those.

Our Discord | Add me on Discord Spud#0222

* Spawn (first image) built by Xayden @ *