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The lair! – Brazilian server!

◇ Lair ◇
» IP:
» Language: Brazilian Portuguese
» Improved survivability
» McMMO, Pets, Enchantments and more!
• Will you be the next big bad guy?

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Grandma’s House {LGBT+ Safe Space} [1.17.1]

Welcome to Grandma’s House! LGBTQ+ | Survival | Hub | Events | Safe Space | 1.17.1Website | Discord | Map

We are a public LGBT+ SMP, who just opened our brand new 1.17.1 world

Grandma Katie (she) is a timeless bisexual grandma, who is in a happy polycule with Grandma Fiona (she) and newly found Grandma Ruth (she/they).

She has had this LGBT+ SMP since January 2020.

We have many possibilities! Build a great castle, become a mayor of a town, make stonks, anything your heart pleases.

LGBT+ Safe Space

Keeping you safe from nasty griefers, we have the plugins GriefDefender and CoreProtect, and keeping you safe from nasty LGBT+phobes, we have an active staff team with a zero tolerance to LGBT+-phobia of any kind.

We strive to be a cozy little safe corner of the big and scary internet. This means a zero-tolerance of drama, toxicity, mean spirited bullying, as well as debates, politics, bigotry and NSFW topics.

We are not experts, but most of the staff team happens to be LGBT+ identifying. You are not alone.

Technical Details

Central for the server, are the P-Warps for player made towns, markets and the like. They can be bought with in-game money.

We have both ranks that you can buy on the website with real money, but also ranks that you can buy with in-game money, keeping a balance between making the server financially sustainable, while not submitting to p2w mechanics.

You learn plugins as you go; You can just ask about them, or checkout our Guidebook!
Our 1.17.1 world is loaded in with custom terrain and structures through Terra, a terrain generator, and we have a custom ore generation. Below level 8, you can find deepslate, deepslate ores, calcite, tuff, amethyst and moss blocks.


ps. we are rat and frog friendly :3