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Subnauticraft – Create mod|Subnautica|Ice and fire|alex mob server

Subnauticraft is a modded 1.16.5 minecraft server we run, open to whitelisted people. We wanted to mix the limitless possibilities of minecraft and the treacherous ambiance of Subnautica.

👉 ====WHAT ARE THE MODS?====👈
We use multiple mods to do so
-> A custom datapack we made to increase water depth and drastically change the terrain generation
-> Ice and fire and alex mob to bring tons of new creatures, bosses and dangers
-> Create mod for endless more possibilities of crafting and designs
-> and a few more to bring more subnautica like experience

👉 ====AND….CAN I JOIN?====👈
You are free to apply, we’ll make sure to review your application quickly and see if you fit the community. Make sure you read the rules before you do so