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DarkRPG Modded Fabric Server 2023

DarkRPG Modded Server –

All mods are server side – no additional tweaks needed. Just download the mod pack from Curseforge and connect to our public server

We added a few additional mods that will help with grinding for resources –
-Tree Fall, chop one block and the entire tree falls. The height and kind of tree will reflect the durability hit of your axe. No more weird
ghost branches and leaves just polluting the skyline.

-New to Town, setup your own village and attract villagers to come, live and work for you. You automatically get the initial book to
explain how to begin. Be careful though… the bigger the Village you build, the higher the chances that it will attract the attention of
a large dark entity. Make sure to build defenses and arm yourself appropriately. 🙂 It’s a lot of fun and really helps with resource
management and less grinding for resources.

There are a ton of shader packs and resource packs preloaded – the wiki is easy to follow and there is so much to do and surprises
around every corner… or mineshaft… or graveyard …. or a freaking random fire in the woods patrolled by a monster that makes
horrorifing noses and then bonks you hard… I think you get the jest – There’s a lot going on 🙂

Staff is just a random group of friends playing in their off hours. Admin loves to dish out gifts 🙂

The server is a beefy monster – solid state drive, 16 core 3.2GHz Opteron, 24Gb of high-speed ram – dedicated hardware all
linked together with a gig fiber connection. We hate HATE LAG and build the entire setup with that in mind.

Current Features from the Dev

  • Latest Minecraft Update – Aiming to bring you the latest and the greatest!
  • Built-in MMO Official Server – Play with others and your friends online! Just download the pack, click on MMO and play!
  • Performance – Built for performance and low end machines! Super fast start up & loading times (compared to other modpacks)
  • Multiplayer – Built for servers! Host your own servers. Use the Bisect link in the MMO section to create your own servers today!
  • Custom Main Menu & Backgrounds
  • Quests – Press the [​L] key to view quests and gain rewards
  • Full Currency System – Trade with other players
  • Casino – Win Rare Items using Diamonds currency. Play the Creeper Casino & XP Casino today and win big!
  • Auction Houses and Shops – Sell your wares
  • Origins – Choose from a variety of races
  • Recipes – More than 100 custom recipes not found in vanilla
  • Flight – Custom flying items
  • Cosmetics – Capes, Wings, Hats & more
  • Extra Weapons & Armor – Show off in style!
  • Magic Wands, Spells, Special Enchantments & Tables
  • Mod Config Menus – Configure mods to your liking
  • Minimap & Worldmap – Create waypoints
  • World Claim system – Keep your items safe
  • Waystones – Teleport to bases and your friends
  • Special Bosses – Take down new monsters
  • Extra Biomes – Check out new areas
  • Extra Blocks & Items – Happy building!
  • Font support – pack comes with extra fonts bundled
  • There are many more Quality of Life mods in this pack
  • It is recommended to use at least 6GB of RAM with the CurseForge client to play DarkRPG
  • Discord –
  • Wiki –
  • Come and play! Our discord channel is in the works and votifier stuff is also being tweaked… Lets play!

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    Conditorem – 1.17.1 Survival – Whitelisted

    Conditorem is a whitelisted Minecraft survival server with the intention of forming a friendly community built upon trust and honesty. The idea is that server’s world will never wipe, meaning if you leave due to life reasons, or if you just want to take a break, your stuff will still be there upon your return. The server is community-driven and encourages people to work together on larger builds such as a nether network or large-scale farms. We do however appreciate that not everyone likes to do that, so lone wolves are also acceptable.

    We currently have a community of roughly 20 active players, all from various parts of the world, all at different game stages. We plan on continuously growing to keep the community alive and thriving, whilst also maintaining the core values of the server mission, to create a safe place for everyone.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of our great community, please join our discord and introduce yourself in the #whitelist-channel.


    Dynamic Map:

    We hope you’ll join us on our adventures 🙂

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    JOLT Survival | Survival Building | Claims | Classes & Skills | Economy

    JOLT is a building focused experience that aims to improve upon the vanilla gameplay while keeping building, survival, and community as the main focus. Players can level up their classes, skills, and jobs to make survival and building easier. To aid with large builds all players have access to an admin shop which sells items and building supplies.

    Here is the DynMap link for those interested in a general overview.

    Click here to join our discord.


  • 24/7 Server Uptime
  • No Overworld Map Resets
  • Dynmap
  • Antigrief and Anticheat plugins
  • Economy, serverwide shop, jobs, and sellchests
  • Classes and skills
  • TPA
  • Sethome
  • Warps
  • Majority sleep
  • VIP rank
  • Groups and Parties
  • Auto-sell chests
  • Auction house
  • Plugins:

  • Luck Perms
  • dynmap
  • Skillspro
  • Sleep-most
  • Sickle
  • StoneTreasures
  • SilkSpawners
  • shopGUI+
  • PlayerWarps
  • PartiesHellconomy
  • JetsSellchests
  • Rules:

  • No hacking or griefing of any sort. I am able to rollback all damage so there is no point. Offenders will be met with a permanent indisputable ban
  • While building near others is encouraged, please give them a respectful amount of room (a chunk or so)
  • Do not build laggy mob or item farms, I’ll have to remove them.
  • Clean up after yourself and try not to make the overworld too dirty. This includes purposefully ugly/trashy builds, pillars, or attempted lava casts. I am able to see who places what blocks and roll them back, so again, there is no point. Offenders will be banned.
  • No advertising or spam
  • Do not use exploits or glitches. Going on the Nether roof is allowed.