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Lapilli Junior High School Modded!

This server is a roleplay server spanning back 2 years, with a whole universe of its own, and weekly improv lore days (Mainly saturday and sunday being as a lot of people have school in the week).

This server is made for mature people who follow the rules, so if you’re not going to follow them then don’t join the server.

To access the minecraft server you need to join the discord and get whitelisted, and the modpack is also in the discord.

If you join the discord and you ask to be whitelisted and aren’t answered, please wait: the moderators might not be on, but don’t worry, you will be whitelisted soon.

The lore is mainly improv and we have origins on the server as well as other mods to spice the game up and make it feel more fresh, but generally we don’t accept custom origins unless they are COMPLETELY balanced, as that lore would be ruined by an origin with overpowered abilities. Finally, some origins are locked for lore reasons, and there’s a dedicated channel for listing these in the discord server.

Also, we’re a generally small community, so don’t worry about this server being a massive 300 player servers with bots moderating everything and a server with 40 people on at all times. What we are is a medium sized community with an interactive and active playerbase and staff team.

We’d love it if you joined and played along with us!

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Centum Origin Smp

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Sunny Prairies

Sunny Prairies is a 1.19 fabric java origins smp with over 50 mods that enhance the game. The mods include:

Better Animals Plus

Adorn (Furniture)

Minecraft Earth To Java


Better End



Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Dungeons Weapons and Enchantments


And so much more!

We do our own lore and roleplay on the server sometimes, so feel free to create a character and join! You don’t have to though, it’s just for those who are interested.

Those that are interested in joining a country, we currently have 2 different countries that anyone can join.

1 is The Mushroom Kingdom, led by Chipsy__.

The 2nd one is The Crimson Order, led by me, the creator of the owner of the server.

We currently have our own discord server and vcs here at this link so feel free to join. If you do not have discord, that is ok. If you want to play on the server, I have attached the mods and the server ip in this ad. If you have issues joining, just comment below this ad and I will try to answer them.

So feel free to join if you are interested, we accept everyone!

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Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We currently offer a few Incredibly fun and high quality games such as Pixelmon, the AntiSMP AND our players favourite, Origins from the famous OriginSMP! Please read below for more information.

If you wish to join any modded gamemodes such as pixelmon or origins, we ask you to join our discord server where you can find the mods for these gamemodes!

however, if you only wish to play vanilla gamemodes then the discord is optional! just slap the ip into minecraft and join in on the fun!

Elemental Originserver Originsmodded Originsmp Pala Paladin Paladins Smallcommunity Smallserver Smallstreamer Streamer Streamerfriendly Streamers Streamerserver Survival

Elementals Smp

~Welcome to the Elementals SMP~

We are a small SMP for small streamers/contend creators. Currently we are searching for new members!!
We are a origins server we run the base origin mods. Other mods we run are listed below
  -Extra Origins
  -Mob Origins
  -Origins Extra Keybinds
  -Simple Voice Chat

now that is finshed lets go to our lore shall we?


  There once was a world in the multiverse. In this world four elemental beeings ruled the land each one has a paladin assisting them. There are   the aroggant Fire Elemental with thier trusty fire Paladin, the impulsive water Elemental with thier loyal water Paladin, the harrmonic Earth and   Nature Elemental with thier rocky Paladin and the withdrawn wind Elemental and thier calm paladin. Thoes are the four powers in the lands   that life for now in harmony. But who knows how long this peace will last.
  One more thing…the world will slowly degrade and break down due to an unknown force. How long will the peace last in a crumbling world   with four godlike beeings that are complete opposites to each other.

we made it a part of the lore that the world is breaking down because we will switch to an custom made map. Builds will be tranyfered to the new map if possible and playerdata will be reset because of problems with locations with the map switch. Items will be restored thou


We handle it with origins that if none of the origins that are provided with the mods that we either accept origin datapack reqests or that me or my staff will search for an origin datapack that is interessting to you.

to make it easyier for all of us dont request op origins if you do not play a Paladin


Currently we have a few roles that are still unoccupied. those are the following

~Earth Paladin
~Wind Paladin

~Water Paladin

If you are interessted in playing one of those dm me and we will talk about your role and how we need you to play. For those roles there is a specific way we need you to play. For other roles there are mild boundaries in how you can play them but for the Paladins there are more harsh boundaries. me and my team will happily assist you in making your charakter

If you have any more questions and or want to join ill leave my discord below, please feel free to dm me in either of the two chases im there to help


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spinholol origin smp

This is a origin smp server

-No Plugins

-Origin SMP Mods


Fabric API

After installing all of those open mods folder and insert fabric api
and origins mod in it open fabric and press the button on middle bottom go to tlauncher and in versions you will find ”fabric loader” then install it and enter game and use the ip .

1.17 Change Crack Hoe Invite Maybe Minecraft Smp Neet Origin Origins Originsmp Survival Tla Vice Whitelist


a minecraft smp 1.17 server
no whitelist neeted
everyone is invited
ip maybe changed

(it is crackt for the player hoe have tlancher)