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Minecraft Server – JAVA – 1.17.1+ – CRACK – Survival – Farm2Win –
Build your City alone or with Friends to make it the most massive and realistic.
Exploration and Farm and Build are favored by the voluntary absence of an Admin-Shop.
To become the richest, to build the most massive and beautiful City are the main objectives.

Hoping to see you at the opening of this first version of M.Adventure this Saturday, May 21, 2022.

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KushPvP – $100 PayPal FTOP Join our discord!

KushPvP – Network

Please join our discord for updates!

Map #1

IP –
Versions – 1.8 to 1.18

Factions Realm
5 Man (10 Man Roster)
2 Week Maps
100 power per player (plus power bonus upgrades)

Gapple/Crapple PvP
$10 Cane Top
Custom Enchants
Farm2Win Eco
Custom Bosses
Raiding Outpost
Flawless Printer
Good Cannoning
Mob Chests
Mob Coins / Mob Coin Shop

Factions Top Rewards
$100 Paypal all together

(( Enjoy the map! Please report any bugs! ))

If donation goal isnt reached paypal reward will be halfed.

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Welcome To CloudWars

We are a unique kitpvp server with a friendly community & a helpful staff team.
Our server includes:
A fun pvp system
cool and powerful weapons
Seasonal Crates
Fun & Daily Events