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CannoningMC – A Multi Cannoning server featuring Wine Jar, Sk Jar, Raid Simulations and more…

CannoningMC Is one of the fastest growing cannon servers of 1.8 Cannoning. We feature a variety of cannon servers as well as more gamemodes.

Amethyst Anarchy Chunk Claims Dark Economy Ert Hun Lab Loot Protect Protected Survival Trade Wine


Darkan is a survival semi-anarchy economy server with small chunk claims that intertwine with an amethyst-based economy. Players can trade with each other and collaborate, or look to kill/loot other people’s unprotected zones.

Join the Discord at:

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WineSide (OpSkyBlock)

Join us on the WineSide server! This is an OpSkyBlock server with many, many unique features, daily rewards, events and more, join now, believe me, you won’t regret it! and our discord server

Dom Donation Drag Dragon Ends Free Gon Hours Jus Nation Ours Ran Random Win Wine

DragonWine 2 server Minecraft

Hello server with free donation just play 60 hours and get a random donation It all depends on your luck.

AOT Chaotic Defense Discord Fail Frog God Weapons Godgear Inca Knockback Survival Survivalmultiplayer Tpa Unfair Wine

Frog 2 (God Gear)

Welcome to Frog 2!
Frog 2 is a multiplayer survival world however it altered by the use of commands and mods.

-To begin with, the server allows for a variety of commands, mainly teleport commands, set different homes to warp between whenever you want, tp to spawn or the end portal whenever you see fit and tp to other players if they accept your teleport request.

-God Gear: god gear is the biggest thing that makes Frog 2 unique, when you first join the server you are given an offer to choose a single god gear, which means you can pick any enchantment, put it on any item, and they enchantment will be lvl 255, for EX: fortune 255 Netherite Pickaxe, Sharpness 255 Netherite Sword, Knockback 255 Stick, etcetera. Additionally god weapons can also be stolen and rewarded, every so often tournaments are held in place, winner of said tournaments will be granted their choice of another god weapon, these tournaments are not reliant on gear or luck, rather pure skill.

-Mods: while no mods are required to be installed to access the server this does not stop you from downloading your such as a mini-map, a more concise hotbar, and any other quality of life upgrades

-property claims: incase you decide you want to hop off but don’t want a potential griefer to come and destroy your base, you can use a golden shovel to claim an outline around anywhere you would like, however there is a certain limit to how many blocks can be in this outline, the longer you play and the bigger your claim can beMembers
-The Owner: the owner of the server and all of its higher ranking members aren’t to strict and are pretty forgiving if you hold a good defense, none of them are cruel or unfair and focus on making your visit into the server as fun as possible without it being too chaotic to where your forced to quit

-Admin Abuse: admin abuse is not present in any of our servers along with our discord, each admin plays and judges fairly, if they fail to act in such a manner they will be demoted and possibly kicked/banned

-Discord: the discord is chockful with everything you need, rules, server IPs, server info, voice channels, announcements, and most importantly the in-game chat for each server has been intertwined into discord channels, so that those present on discord can talk to and with anyone currently online and vice versa .RULES
-No hacking :)And that’s it, that’s all you need to know for Frog 2, if you have any remaining questions visit our discord server


570 Ass Center Class Count Cri Description Has His Our Owner Survival Multiplayer This Win Wine

WineGird server Minecraft

The server owner ‘WineGird’ has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Car Custom Dates Evolved Fres Fresh Gameplay Gameplay Fr Keep Nostalgic Positive Updates Vanilla Vol Wine


Joining SilvaMC will immerse you into a world that carefully intertwines the nostalgic feel of vanilla Minecraft with a slew of custom features aimed at providing the best experience possible. The game has evolved, and for those of you returning tap into your past, experience the present.

We look to:

• Keep Minecraft feeling, well…., like Minecraft.
• Consistently provide updates to keep the gameplay fresh
• Maintain a positive and friendly community, appropriate for most.

Cannoning Economie Faction Factions Farming Genbucket Genbuckets Guardian Modifiers Outposts Pvp Pvpfactions Undead Version18 Wine


A world set in the medieval period where players battle to become the next ruler. In a once peaceful world, now corrupted with an unbalance of Aether creatures and Nether mobs, no one is safe here. CenturionMc is a 1.8.8 factions server like no other. A story is held within, many custom plugins, and a classic feel of factions that brings you back to the glorious days.

Features Include:

The Aether
A great civilization once ruled the skies known as the Aether. The Aether is a twist to the classic Darkzone. Find silverfish here and grind while fighting against undead, Aether guardians, other players and more on a giant sky island. Aether also rains down treasure fairly often and holds a powerful and ancient anvil called the Foundry.

The foundry is an anvil that allows the user to craft powerful weapons and epic loot to help them conquer. The foundry is similar to KOTH. You choose what you want to craft and defend the anvil while your loot is being crafted. Protect it or be knocked. You’ll also have ancient guardians attacking!

No faction server is complete unless it has the classic events and gamemodes. KOTH is included and happens very often. Outposts reward some of the best modifiers and best advantages that make them a must to capture. Envoys are called Treasure Storms. They happen in the Aether. Plenty of loot to share for everyone. Bosses will often happen every so often. Get the most damage in to get the best prizes!

Upgradeable Harvester Hoes
This server has multiple economies that reward being active. Harvester Hoes have many unique upgrades to keep you working hard.

Genbuckets, Faction Tools, Creative Printer, and Chunk Busters
We want to make creating your base simple and not so stressful. We have many gen buckets to make base creation easier. Faction tools like trench pickaxes can knock hundreds of blocks at once. Creative printer to make a building as smooth as butter. And of course chunk busters to destroy entire chunks so you can build the perfect base

Perfect Cannoning
We have tried our best to make this server optimized for cannoning. We run WineSpigot, one of the finest jars for cannoning. We also have optimized every configuration and have plenty of ram + a good CPU to get the server running like water.

This server is still somewhat new. The best part of our community is our adaptability and need to grow. We want to provide an experience that you enjoy. Every season brings new features, balances, and lots of change to keep things fresh. If you want to learn more, hop on or check out our discord! Hope you enjoy CenturionMc!


Car Economy Evolved Fres Fresh Gameplay Gameplay Fr Nostalgic Positive Skyblock Survival Turn Vanilla Vol Wine


Joining SilvaMC will immerse you into a world that carefully intertwines the nostalgic feel of vanilla Minecraft with a slew of custom features aimed at providing the best experience possible! The game has evolved, and for those of you returning; tap into your past, experience the present!

We look to:

• Keep Minecraft feeling, well…., like Minecraft!
• Consistently provide updates to keep the gameplay fresh
• Maintain a positive and friendly community, appropriate for most!

Buildingcompetitions Crates Customenchants Customizedexperience Customplugins Keepinventory Playershops Rewards Shops Survival Survivalmultiplayer Survivalserver Town Towny Wine

The Dark Side of the Moon [Towny] [Custom Survival]

            Create. Craft. Customize.

The Dark Side of the Moon, or most commonly referred to as “DSOTM”, is a Java Minecraft server developed in 2019.
The aim of the server is to run a custom survival Minecraft environment, that spans over multiple platforms and caters
to all types of Minecraft players. While staying family friendly, expansive, and intertwined.

Inspire others while inspiring yourself

“We are all creatives in this world, and deserve a free place to express that. -Kickroqs 2019”

Addition information expected soon.