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Skits Prisons

Do you like prison servers?

Skits Prisons is a prison server with a focus on the nostalgia of classic, old prison servers and the community. In the beginning, you have to mine in the first ward and rank up to access different aspects of the server such as pvp, drugs, guards, and more! Although the ranking-up system is a grind, consider it worth it as you explore the rest of the prison and figure out how to survive with fellow inmates!

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Discord link:

Needstaffnewserver Network Ogprison Prison

MineFreak (OGPRISON) out for BETA

MineFreak Network

Currently working on OGPrison!

Hey guys, we are currently looking for staff and beta testers for our new Prison Server, OGPrison! We are about 90% done with the server right now but we are in need of staff members and beta testers to prepare for launch. This server has the feel of an original prison server from years past with no inflated economy, ridiculous enchantments, or other crazy things. However, there are some plugins and map details that will make your experience here great! If you would like to help out, join our discord at´╗┐