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CivMC 3: A New Age

Server for the Spanish-speaking community. It is recommended to know how to speak Spanish to enter.

Welcome to CivMC Season 3: A New Age!
Welcome traveler! Are you looking for a server different from the rest within Minecraft?
Looking for adventure? Looking for a great story? Have you always wanted to build some legendary city from mankind’s past? Do you love to build?
CivMC is for you!

CivMC is a server that seeks to imitate and recreate the ancient civilizations of humanity’s past through the mode of factions/cultures.

Members will have to gather in teams and organize themselves to build a civilization based on those that existed during ancient times. They will create temples, markets, houses, ports, roads, cities and together they will discover the history of this world through incredible regular events!
We have a custom resourcepack to create an immersive experience!

Throughout the world you can find towns, cities, fortresses, new cultures, dangerous enemies, collectible items and special weapons of each culture!

To be a part of CivMC Season 3: A New World, you will need to join our discord, get verified and agree to our rules and game theme to be added to our whitelist. This is a great server for builders and roleplay lovers!
CivMC invitation and information
What are you waiting for to be part of the adventure?

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šŸ§­ Seekers of Untold Legacies – 1.17.1 Warrior Cats MMORPG – Alpha Testing Applications Open Soon! šŸ§­

NOTICE: Server is currently back up! Thank you for understanding! Alpha testing will commence soon!
Current IP
Bedrock Port: 41137

Edition Alpha V.01

Our Discord

šŸ§­ Seekers of Untold Legacies - 1.17.1 Warrior Cats MMORPG - Alpha Testing Applications Open Soon! šŸ§­ Minecraft ServerSeekers of Untold LegaciesšŸ§­ Seekers of Untold Legacies - 1.17.1 Warrior Cats MMORPG - Alpha Testing Applications Open Soon! šŸ§­ Minecraft Server

Seekers of Untold Legacies, or SoUL (Abbreviated) is a Warrior Cats MMORPG server based on the likes of Wynncraft. We will offer support for both Bedrock (Phone, Tablet, Xbox, Windows 10) and Java edition.

We feature a map in where our custom Clans live on the island, set in the 1600s in where pirates rule the land. There are no equivalents to house cats, and NPCS litter the map with unique dialogue for each clan rank.

We aspire to bring life to the community, bringing mechanics from games such as Warriors: Untold Tales, Cattails, and other Warrior cats fangames.


šŸ§­Custom OriginsšŸ§­
Make your cat even more special with custom origins! Specific origins clarify where your cat was born, for example, a EbonyClan cat will have extra dexterity, or a cat born outside of our custom Clans will have extra Gathering points, and be better at finding more things when gathering!

šŸ§­A Robust Proficiency SystemšŸ§­
Use proficiencies such as Survival, Gathering, Dexterity, and more to customize your cat and learn even more through your time growing up from apprentice to warrior! Gain proficiency points through gathering items, hunting, fighting and more!

šŸ§­Questing SystemšŸ§­
We feature a robust questing system, with different quests and daily quests all around Clan camps, and for outsiders, too! You’ll receive different quests from being a kit than you will being an apprentice, warrior, and more!

šŸ§­Item RaritiesšŸ§­
In SoUL, we have different items with different item rarities. Colors of those items signify how rare they are, along with a tag. Item rarity is important for crafting items in the future!

šŸ§­Clan TrainersšŸ§­

Instead of being trained by a player, you no longer have to rely on other people for being trained! Each Clan has a training NPC that will teach you proficiencies, have a reputation point shop, give you your assessment and more!

We have custom diseases and unique conditions unlike anything ever seen before, catch and cure special diseases, wounds, Island sicknesses and collect herbs by becoming a Healer!

šŸ§­Custom Resource PackšŸ§­
We feature a custom resource pack that immerses you further into the game, things like quartz being claws, dye being Clan symbols, and prey having custom textures!

šŸ§­Reputation PointsšŸ§­
Ever wanted to buy a donation item, but don’t have the money to? Reputation points are very important! You get reputation points by completing quest lines throughout the map. You can find the Reputation Shop through your Clan Trainer!

šŸ§­Audio ClientšŸ§­
With the power of an Audio Client, you can listen to music around the map! This further immerses you into the world of SoUL!

šŸ§­Leveling SystemšŸ§­
View your level in chat, gain skill points for leveling up, and spend those skill points in the future! You will also gain proficiency points for leveling up!

šŸ§­Item and Region DiscoveriesšŸ§­
Gain experience for discovering items for the first time upon collecting, and also gain experience for finding new areas!

We truly hope you consider staying with us, and that you enjoy your stay, even if it’s for a little while.

šŸ§­ Seekers of Untold Legacies - 1.17.1 Warrior Cats MMORPG - Alpha Testing Applications Open Soon! šŸ§­ Minecraft Server

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Among Huss

Husscraft present’s

Among Huss

Among Huss is a whitelisted server, using PHOENIX SC’s Among Us adventure map.

Join the Husscraft Discord to get whitelisted!

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TMM.GG is a smaller community that runs multiple gamemodes, such as:

Survival Features

  • Handmade world, fully customized terrain by hand
  • Towny
  • McMMO (with better customized settings and skills)
  • Jobs
  • Player marketplace
  • Rankups
  • Chest Shops
  • Health Bars
  • Better Sleeping
  • Dynmap
  • and more…
  • Creative Features

  • Plots
  • some smaller useful features
  • Big overhaul coming soon
  • Categories
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    PokeAegis –A server with something for everyone–

    Always on the latest Pixelmon Reforged! Download Pixelmon Reforged

    PokeAegis–A server that has something for everyone–
    We have features for competitive,adventurous,imaginative,and all other kinds of players!
    Be sure to Join the discord to find out more!!

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    Official PPMC Network: Pixelmon Reforged 7.2.2

    We are a pixelmon hub server with a few different server types you can join, all related to pixelmon of course!

    Survival – A unique survival experience centered around rewarding players for the time they put in. Spawn contains various activities and challenges to occupy your time as you work to climb the in game rank system and compete in weekly events and tournaments. *Freshly restarted world as of March 27th*

    Arivium – A custom adventure map. Battle it out against team Eclipse as you journey around the Arivium region. Features include custom spawns, a unique storyline, side-quests, and a whole lot of detail.

    Pantheosļ»æ – A custom adventure map. Continue your adventure in a grand world continuing the story from Arivium. Features custom spawns, story and gym challenge.

    Website – ļ»æ
    Discord –

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