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ViveSMP | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | Brand New | Not Started Yet

So you are looking for a hermitcraft style server? I think we have you covered. As of this post we have not even started yet, so join the discord and have your opinion on how the server will run. We have 2 owners who ensure long lasting seasons with a small community that will welcome you into the server. Who are we? A server that is resetting for a brand new season that is close to vanilla with only a few datapacks like head drops to spice up the gameplay. Did you old server limit you on farm sizes? Lag? Corrupt staff? Well not here. We have 2 owners who do not play the server but rather manages it to maintain everything. Staff only have ban powers to stop cheaters. We have our own developer who ensures 0 lag and creates custom plugins to maintain the server. Many join us thinking they will only try it out, but end up sticking around. Our small community ensures friendly vibes and a good time playing, our staff are always there to help you when you need it. I have seen many hermitcraft style servers using pay2win and land claiming. How is that hermitcraft? It’s not. So perhaps give us a try.

How to join? Simply join our discord server and answer a few simple questions to get accepted into the server:


How old is the server? Well it hasn’t started yet.
How many people? Not too many, we are a small community
Can I work with my friends? Of course you can
Is there an age limit? 15 years old, if you have friends who are younger that is fine. We just want maturity