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Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1

Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1 Minecraft Server

RiseMc is a community of veteran Minecraft Players and Administrators trying to find a nice balance between a vanilla Minecraft feel, spiced up with custom created or edited plugins and economy balancing.

Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1 Minecraft Server

Some of the many plugin features you can expect to find are:
• McMMO – Player skills with our custom edit! This gives many RPG style skills to the game which can be leveled to gain bonus abilities.

Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1 Minecraft Server

• Towny Advanced – A great Anti-Grief, Land Claiming and Town Organization plugin with extensive customisation options to suit your needs. This plugin give players a lot of control over who can do what where on their builds, such as disabling mobs, toggling PvP, editing town members build permissions, and much more! You can team up with friends in towns, join other towns in nations.

• Player Shops – Sell lots of items safely to other players by making your own Shops in your towns. Engage in trade with the spawn market for extra cash. We have custom edited the pricing of items in spawn to give ample room for player shops to establish themselves and offer players better deals on items.

• Custom Enchants – Many unique enchantments outside of the vanilla options are available to everyone. Worried about people being too OP? Don’t be! We tested the enchantments extensively and balanced them to suit our server.

• Custom God Classes and 100% Free ranks. Choose between 3 major Gods to tailor your experience on the server between McMMO training, Money Making and PvP hunting. In addition there is a huge rank chain that lets you be rewarded for playing the game. Nothing on our server costs real money!

• And much more! Please join us now to get a head start on the competition- players of all ages are welcome!