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ImperiumMC Whitelisted Survival

Simple, relaxed, and mature 1.19 whitelisted semi-vanilla. No hollow or confusing gimmicks, no trolls, just Minecraft as it should be. Adults (18+) preferred, minimum 16.

Join our active community on Discord to share your experience with others in voice calls or simply by showing off your latest build in text channels.

Express your creativity, grow your wealth, and purchase much-needed items in the shopping district around spawn.

Donors, test out your ideas with our community superflat creative world, then construct them in survival

Is there /home? Yes, but it only returns you to your spawnpoint/bed
Is there /tpa? No, we prefer to keep a tight-knit community, so long-distance travel will need to be done on nether highways

If you have questions, join the Discord server and ask! We look forward to seeing you!