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In this server, now you can own plots in Minecraft.

Benefits of owning plots in Minecraft:

Make/break access: Once you claim the plot, only you can make or break in that particular plot. That means, no one else can make/break your plot.

Inventory access: If you keep a chest in that plot filled with your hard earned assets, no one other than you would be able to access that chest.
Mine access: All the resources in those particular plots are now yours, and only you have the access to mine it. Eg. If there’s a diamond ore in your plot, only you would be able to mine it.
Share with your friends: You will be able to invite your friends to share your assets, loot and crafts soon.
NFTs: All plots you own are on chain and you have complete ownership of the plots. So, the plots you own are your NFTs.
Sell/Rent/Exchange: You can build a creation(basically anything) on that plots and sell the plot in the future versions with an appreciation value decided by you.
If you have any questions or need technical support, do not hesitate to reach us via email: [email protected]

Azurius Brewery Economy Elevator Elevators Mcmmo Proximity Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Tempfly Towny Trails Vouchers

Azurius Towny Server

Azurius Towny Survival

We are a small towny survival server with a variety of features.
A list of some of our main features is below!
Main Features:
Towns & Nations, Playtime Ranks, Player Shops, Brewery, Crates, Vouchers, mcMMO, Custom Enchantments, Custom Fishing, TempFly, Auction House, Jobs, Proximity Voice Chat, Lottery, Quests, Particle Trails, Elevators, Bedrock and Java Support,
and much more!

Come join our server today!

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Welcome to The Quiet Cave! TQC is a newly established 1.18.2 server with big plans for a bright future. We are looking for some new players to check us out! Our map will never reset, and we plan to keep it that way. We are big on rules and one of our biggest rules is no griefing. So we use anti-griefing tools like GriefPrevention and WorldGuard to help keep your builds safe! Claiming land is easy and you can even let other people you trust build with you too. Use /kit starter to receive goodies and claim tools! We hope to see you online!
TQC offers many quality of life improvements such as…
=Nether Portal Coords= Cauldron Concrete= Durability Ping= Custom NetherPortals= Double Shulker Shells= More Mob Heads= Chest Sort= SilkSpawners= UltimateTimber= VeinMiner= McMMO= Jobs= PhantomX – No MorePhantoms!= BBeeKeeper=AreaShop= Plus more!
No hacking or griefing of any sort.
No hate speech, flaming, or unkind language
All unclaimed land is available, but do not use claims to grief.
Keep the overworld clean.
Do not make purposefully trashy or inappropriate builds.
No spamming.
Exploits, glitches, duping, and xray texture packs are NOT allowed.

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Pixel Renegades

We are a NEW Pixelmon Server that runs on 1.16! We are currently needing new staff members as well as gym leaders since we run a player gyms plugin. We also have NPC gyms that off great rewards. Furthermore, we have a great economy and shop plugin that will enable players to sell and buy as they please. In game ranks and perks can also be bought!

Bedrock And Java Claims Cross-Play Cube Economy Ifesteal Land Claim Land Claims Lifes Lifestea Lifesteal Lifesteal Smp Place Survival Talk

Cubeplex SMP

A fun lifesteal SMP with towny like land claims and war. This SMP is cross platform allowing bedrock and java users to join. You and your friends can enjoy a great lifesteal SMP. Our discord is which is a great place to hang out with your friends and talk about Cubeplex

Brazil Brazilian Conomy Cross-Play Econ Econom Economy Era Ian Mai Mcmmo Plus Pvp Sever Survival

Maid Vanilla

Vanilla server, survival, has a very intuitive economy, it’s a Brazilian server and we have several vacancies for players! come have fun

Admins Company Dsmp Economy Feed Gestion Java And Bedrock Keep Newest Suggestions Support Survival Together Vanilla Warp


We are the Warped SMP! fully survival and On the newest version! We are open to all suggestions and feedback that you have. Our staff are constantly online to keep you company and to moderate your actions, admins usually play in a vc together so hop in at anytime!

Cross-Play Envoy Envoys Fantasy Gang Gangs Kens Op Prison Server Pickaxe Prestige Prestiges Prison Pvp Token Tokens


FantasyPrison is a Semi-Op Prison server that has Custom Enchants, Personal Plots,Envoys,Gangs,Prestiges,Weekly Events and much more! A prison server that requires you to
work for a good pickaxe and rank up to see diamonds at late game mines.
Don’t expect to insta-break blocks and find diamond blocks at mine A!. This server was built with classic prison style mines and economy in mind.
Pickaxe’s enchants are upgraded using tokens obtained from mining,voting crates etc.
Our goal as a server is to grow and create a amazing community, We welcome everyone and would love to have you become A part of our community. We are also seeking
staff members feel free to apply in the discord! Join today and grow with us.

What is the server IP for FantasyPrison?
The IP address of FantasyPrison is

What is the server IP for Bedrock?
PORT: 25565

Activecommunity Beacon Building Delhome Discord Events Fun Hard Lifesteal Lifestealsmp Pvp Simulation Survival Tpahere Voicechat

PieSteal Survival SMP

PieStealSMP is a fun Lifesteal server with fun weekly events and a tightly-knit community.

Be sure to join our discord!

We hope you will join us and have a fun time!

Fundamental Rules:

1. No spamming (punishment: warn)
2. No racial slurs or anything offensive (punishment: mute)
3. No NSFW (punishment: ban)
4. No hacked clients (punishment: ban)
5. No Doxxing and DDOS attacks or anything like that (punishment: a permanent ban, no appeal)
6. No seed cracking (punishment: a permanent ban, no appeal)
7. Don’t be a dick (no punishment, except people hating you)
8. No Duping (punishment: a permanent ban, no appeal) TNT duping is ALLOWED
9. Alt accounts are banned
10. No death threats, or talking about controversial events
11. No Combat Logging (including to mob or any near-death situation)
12. Raiding and Griefing Allowed at any scale.
13. Not Purposely Giving Away Hearts just to leave

Allowed Clients:

Lunar Client

PieSteal’s Rule:

Killing new players that have joined the server for less than 30 minutes is extremely frowned upon. This isn’t bannable but you will become a much larger target, and much more disliked


Heart Fragment Recipe:

Heart Recipe:

PieSteal Survival SMP Minecraft Server

Respawn Beacon Recipe:

PieSteal Survival SMP Minecraft Server

The server is set at 12 Chunks and 8 Simulation Distance

Useful Commands:

/rtp -TP out of spawn at random
/spawn -TP to spawn
/sethome – set home TP (you can have one)
/home -TP to set home
/delhome home -delete set home
/tpa playername -request to TP to player
/tpahere playername -request player to TP to you
/withdraw -withdraw hearts from yourself
/revive -allows players to respawn someone when they have a respawn beacon on hand

/enchant Balanced Bosses Crates Customterrain Dead Economy Exciting Opening Progression Smp Survival Terrain Towny Wild

MineCloud Survival & Towny (Official Reopening!)

Welcome to MineCloud!
We are a new and growing survival server with lots of fun features to offer:

After the server being dead for over a year I decided to reopen it with a number of new changes and updates. Join if you’d like 🙂


• Custom Enchants & EXP Economy! (/enchanter)
• Balanced And Exciting Crates! (Over 180 different rewards!)
• Unique And Epic Custom Terrain! (/wild)
• In Game Shop To Buy And Sell Items! (/warp shop)
• Custom Bosses! (Currently a work in progress but still playable.)
• Little To No Lag!
• Tons Of Claim Blocks To Build Whatever You Want!
• Ranks And Progression System!

Versions: 1.16+