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Legends Devolved This Is Where You Will Find the Things You Need. But Let Me Explain The Legends Mod For Those Who Don’t Know Already The Legends Mod Was Created By Tihyo And Is A Mod Where You Can Become Superheroes Horror Killers The Buildable Mech Kiryu (MechaGodzilla) And Much More There Are Maps Tattoine Mars A Space Station Space Itself (required flight and vaccum adaption) And Much More! In The legends Mod Everyone Can Have Fun One Of Your Friends Could Like Jason Vorhees He Can Become That Someone Might Like Iron Man He Can Become That Someone Might Like Star Wars You Can Be A Jedi Sith DARTHVADER! And Much More On This Server The Only Rule Is Against Hacking and Xray Anything Else Is Fair Game Make Secret Bases Make Guilds Make Enemies All Of This Can Happen On Legends Devolved