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Wonder Network

Wonder Network!
We are offering the next big thing in Minecraft Theme Parks, With our accurate Walt Disney World recreation!.
We want to give people something new and fresh, with interactive shows and attractions, amazing customer support we strive to be one of the best Minecraft Theme Park Servers!. If you want to join us on this Magical Journey then please do join our active
We are Hiring!
Join our wonderful staff team:
[+] – Guest Relations Representative
[+] – Technicans (Training can be granted)
[+] – Builders (Training can be granted)
[+] – Media
[+] – Developer (Experience required)
These roles are just the begining!
We are implimenting full Shows such as:
Disney Enchantment [WDW]
Festival of Fantasy [WDW]
Seasonal Events! [Whole Server]
A whole lot more!
Join us! – You won’t regret it! –
Wonder Network
Wonder Into The Stars!

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Crafting Magic

Crafting Magic Minecraft Server

If image does not load above:

Welcome to Crafting Magic. A community based on keeping the magic alive through pixie dust and fun! We are a 1:1.3 scale of Disneyland Park in California. We are also always adding more and more to keep things fun for players while they ride famous attractions past and present. With a team that is dedicated to keeping the ideals, the dreams, and the magic that brings Disney to all our hearts. We hope you visit and enjoy your time on our area of the universe. Feel free to join our discord for more up to date information about what we are doing and for any issues/questions/concerns you may have.

Our servers allow 1.17+ clients and we hope to see you soon.
Have a magical day!

-Crafting Magic Team

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DisneyWishes is a 1:1 Disneyland Resort Recreation server offering themed attractions, shows, entertainment and experiences in minecraft

Welcome to DisneyWishes, A Disneyland Resort Recreation Server

DisneyWishes is currently aiming to create the most realistic and accurate recreation of the Disneyland Resort and beyond in minecraft, While we are a brand new server surfacing to the public here’s what we are currently offering and what our goals are for the future! The park is not 100% completed so some experiences may change or differ over time to increase the accuracy, relevancy, and overall to make it more enjoyable/entertaining to our guests!

Our server will have fully functioning rides with complete park audio, 3D models, and rideable attractions across the parks. These functioning rides will also give players Coins which can be redeemed at any our our available dining/shopping locations to grab snacks, Buy Merchandise, and other Purchasable Content the server will offer!

Merchandise will be a heavy part of the server overtime, Players can expect to obtain their favorite attire ranging from Minnie Ears, Loungefly Backpacks, Trading Pins, and many more Cosmetics releasing very often for our continuous Events and Expansions! Also look our for our Cosmetic Bundles to make you stand out which will be exclusive collections only obtainable by purchasing!

Server Opening:

While the server is not currently opened to guests, We are planning to open to our “Magic Key Holders” this November 12th!!

During this limited opening (Early Access) guests who purchase any of our Magic Key Passes on our store have the ability to experience any of our current listed Attractions and Lands before anyone else! During this time our donators have the oppurtunity to give back feedback on experiences they would like to see changed, adjusted, or added to overall increase their park experience while visiting!

Early access Is not going to last forever, Please make your way if interested in joining us for our Early Access period, Or interested in our project in general to our Discord for all the information you may need for this event.

To be the first to hear about Opening dates, Events, and all things DisneyWishes be sure to check out our discord below! Any support is very welcomed


Current Offerings:


Mainstreet USA





Snow Whites Enchanted Wish

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


Indiana Jones

Shopping/Dining locations:

Disneyland Emporium

Plaza Point Shoppe
Carnation Cafe


Gibson Icecream Girl Parlor

This is not 100%, many more attractions and shops wil be continously releasing very soon! Join our discord below for more announcements and information, thanks so much!


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✦ Dreamers Network ✦ 1:1 Minecraft Theme Parks

Welcome to the Dreamers Network.
The next generation of Minecraft Theme Park Servers
Hey, We’re Dreamers Network,
Our Creative Server is currently open to the public, with 1,000×1,000 plots, free WorldEdit, TrainCarts, and HeadsDatabase;
and we are currently developing our Theme Parks Server with both 1:1 and custom recreations for you to enjoy, very very soon.

We plan to have community events in the future.

Staff Applications
You can click here to apply for a staff position on our server

Community Discord Server
You can click here to join our community discord server.

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MinParc Resort


MinParc resort est un parc d’attraction qui se présenterait comme le 7ème parc Disneyland au monde !
Il comprend donc plein de clin d’oeil aux attractions mythiques de ces parcs tout en les revisitant pour leur rendre hommage. L’important étant surtout de refaire vivre l’émotion et l’ambiance à travers des constructions surdimensionnées, des effets réalistes et incroyables pour que la magie opère ! Le parc est composé de plusieurs lands en constants renouvellement !

Retrouvez sur le serveur de multiples comme le célébre Phantom Manor de Disneyland Paris, The Tower Of Terror ou encore Symbolica d’Efteling (Pays-Bas), directement depuis votre PC sans avoir à vous déplacer :p


MinParc resort is an amusement park that would present itself as the 7th Disneyland park in the world!
It includes a lot of nods to the mythical attractions of these parks while revisiting them to pay tribute to them. The important thing is to make the emotion and the atmosphere live again through oversized constructions, realistic and incredible effects so that the magic works! The park is composed of several lands in constant renewal!

Find on the server multiple rides such as the famous Phantom Manor of Disneyland Paris, The Tower Of Terror or Symbolica of Efteling (Netherlands), directly from your PC without having to move.

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Disney California Dreams Server

The Disney California Dreams Server is a fully functional recreation of the original Disneyland, with rides, restaurants, and interactive attractions! With 15+ working attractions, you’re sure to enjoy your time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

To learn more information about our server, or download our resource pack, visit our website! Visit us at:

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America… with hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” – Walt Disney

Our Server is Compatible with Minecraft Versions 1.13.2 – 1.16+

Currently in progress is Project Dream, our complete overhaul of our resort into a 1:1 scale!

Follow us on Twitter! @dcdimagineers

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1:1 Minecraft Disneyland

Frontierland: Finished
Adventureland: 95% Done
Tommarowland: 30% Done
Mainstreet: Finished
Toon Town: Not Started
Galaxys Edge: Not Started
New Orleans Square: 15% Finished


Knott’s Berry Farm

5% Finished


Disneyland Minecraft Other Pixiemc Retnick


Welcome to Disneyland Minecraft! With completely functional rides, and 3d modeled carts!

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MCAttractions | Looking for Builders

MCAttractions is a 1:1 Theme Park server dedicated to recreating your favorite theme parks into Minecraft and they’re looking for Builders.


– Experience in 1:1 building

– In the discord server

– Weekly active

– 13 years of age or older

Join the discord here.
Apply for builder/imagineer here.

Server is not open to guests, only to staff members.

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Soarin’ Resort

Welcome to Soarin’ Resort! We are a 1:1 scale Disneyland recreation in Minecraft that is heavily dedicated to making the most accurate Disneyland in Minecraft! NOW OPEN!! Get your ears on at the Soarin’ Resort! IP: . If you would like to get involved with the Soarin’ Resort community, feel free to join our server Discord!

Be sure to join us for our summer event starting June 5th!!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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