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AvatarCity Needs Devolepers

AvatarCity is a bending server based on the cartoon Avatar the last air bender. We are currently looking for developers. The plugin we use for the bending is Project Cora.

As a developer you will be adding plugins if that’s needed, do configurations to the bending and make sure all the elements is balanced and make sure the server is always up and running. Age limit 15+ if you are experienced and would like to help us out apply and become a staff member on AvatarCity! If you are looking to become developer Dm me on discord @Nonne19#2003 #2003

We are also looking for helpers. Helpers will be monitoring the server and make sure everyone is behaving. You will take care of problems so admins can focus on other stuff. To become a helper you should have experience with some basic server commands and be mature. Age limit 15+ Join our avatar city discord and go to apply and submit you application.

If you have any questions feel free to dm me or join the discord to get help from another staff member. Can’t wait to see you there!


Tiktok: AvatarCity (47k followers)

Some pictures from the server

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Sage Kingdom 24/7 Cracked & Premium

CRACKED PLAYERS WELCOME Do you ever miss how simple the Minecraft servers where back in 2013/2014 well thats what im going for here just a simple Server with some plugins for added fun of course so you can play Factions with your friends or with strangers its also where we will stream/record any minecraft content we put up on our youtube/twitch channels in the Future


– 24/7

2020server Duels Jnnetwork2020 Kitpvp Minecraft Minecraftserver Pvp Survival


  This server is a minecraft kitpvp/duels/survival server [1.8-1.16] we are JNNETWORK!! we are a very new server so bugs and   might still be there as we are still kinda in dev mode atm but as of rn its all good to go and you should have no problems but like   any other server there is gonna be shutdown times as well so yeah but i basically just wanna say hope you guys enjoy playing   on this server and hey maybe you even wanna maybe do a review and kinda help us out to get players on anyways im not gonna   take to much of your guys time just come on by to the JNNETWORK and come have some funn!!


2020new 2020server Aether Aetherlegacy Aethermod Cracked Survival

New Aether Survival Server Updated

This server is for everyone even if you don’t have a Minecraft account!

New and Improvement the Aether has returned in Minecraft 1.12.2!

Server hosted with 10GB of RAM for ultra-smooth gameplay while exploring the Aether!

The server runs on Bukkit with a total of 25 plugins all carefully selected for the best possible experience.

p.s. when you join you will create a 4 digit PIN don’t worry! Its so easy even your grandma could do it, BLINDFOLDED.

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Hentai Haven Replacement Server

It’s crazy but one day I woke up in hentai heaven, with an angel looking at me. But nothing came of it because Angel didn’t want anything to do with me asking for a video of herself… At all. She wanted her ass looked at. So off to the office we go. Not even dressed in jeans and only a white top, she doesn’t hesitate to display her amazing body. Vibrators have been invented for centuries but Angel doesn’t know what to do with them. When we get inside the office Angel shows me what her Minecraft PvP skills can do.

Hentai haven girl showing off crazy PvP skills with legendary weapons

Seducing Angels is something I am an expert at irl, and my role-playing group regularly gets a big kick out of our role-playing group irl: “Goddess, you’re an angel!” These are so fucking dumb, but then I realized that perhaps not only did they not think that way, maybe they didn’t even realize that they were wrong.

This blog could probably kill God. Anyway, there are the usual problems. And this is the worst one for me, because the “Goddess, you’re an angel” line is usually delivered in the voice of the “Barbarian, yeah, but they’re not angels!” character. That’s why it’s awkward. But with my homegirl Angel liking strawberries it was only matter of time until I made her mine with one simple fruit in her mouth.

Hentai haven girl eating strawberries

While eating strawberries she finally revealed herself to me, and because of her shape my heart was wounded. We were quite the sad couple. However I told myself that God’s loving heart was not set on losing a loving woman.

We eventually stopped playing around for awhile and came to think that we ought to start again. We planted and harvested many more strawberries from the bushes to create forbidden strawberry jam.

Steve helps hentai haven girl make strawberry jam, delicious!

Kawaii Gang live
2020new 2020server Needstaff Newserver Pve Economy Survival

Green MC

New Minecraft Survival Server JOIN NOW 1.15.2
WE Are Looking For staff !
Apply Through our Discord !!
1 Donator Rank !
Following EULA

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Join the New World® Network. Home of unique and rare features combined together. Connect with friends and take your place in our awesome and fun community.

Major Features in the server
– AUCTION 2020
– RANK 2020
– LEVEL 2020
– GUILDS 2020
– ITEM SHOP 2020

Discord: Sloggi#7149 [​join our discord Server to stay updated]

Summer 2020 is almost at 100% so the NEW WORLD®.
Stay strong & Kill mosquitos
-New World® Network

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