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🥩 BeefMC 🥩 [1.15.2 – Small Community | 16+ Server] [Semi-Vanilla] [Whitelisted]

Here is some information on our server:

  • Canadian Host Flag: Canada on Twitter Twemoji 13.0
  • Primarily American Playerbase Flag: United States on Twitter Twemoji 1.0
  • 24/7 Hosting (Yes that’s right all the way past your bedtime!) ⏰
  • Massive diverse community and players from all ages and across the world 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽
  • Dedicated staff team and constantly updating with new content 👷
  • Hub server, room to expand.
  • Survival:

    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn (Start your monopoly)

    – GriefPrevention

    – Pets & Trails

    – Server dynmap

    – 30k by 30k map

    – Ranks with very unique rewards

    – Timed rank system.

    – Hard Mode (For real gamers only!)

    – Massive server and community projects

    – Active and kind playerbase


    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – 1.8 PvP Mechanics

    – Gapple & EPearl Cooldowns

    – 1.7 Cannon Mechanics

    – Revamped Crates

    – New Spawn

    – New Ranks and Perks

    – Improved performance

    – supply and Loot drops

    – Risk = Reward

    :o How to join:

    Discord -> 🔗

    Server IP:

    Server IP:

    Server IP:


    Small History – ForgeMC was named due to two separate communities uniting together and forging. So we thought ForgeMC was a fitting name. We believe that everyone has a place on our server since we have so much diversity!

    Like our server, leave a nice comment and or share it with your friends! :D

    Creative Economy Faction Factions Hub Kitpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftserver115 Server Skyblock Survival Faction, Skyblock, Survival, Creative KITPvP Raiding {1.15.2}

    Chizcraft Factions is looking for new players to come join on the quest on building a super fun and friendly server. We offer plenty of game modes, staff and are constantly working on the server to improve it in any way possible. This server is still in the early stages so we are still looking for a core base of players. We have a discord that is very active. You can join here Hope to see some new players trying out all the new game modes!

    Factions, Compete against rival factions in the conquest to become the most powerful team in all the lands.

    Skyblock, start off with a few supplies and a tiny island in the sky. Grind your way to the top using
    cobblestone/resource generators. Build your island to the highest worth to flex on your opponents.

    Survival, Just plain old multiplayer minecraft no PvP, /Claim your builds and bases. Updated to Minecraft’s most recent full update.

    Creative, Start a plot and create whatever your heart desires. Nothing racist or disrespectful. Please keep it classy/fancy I wanna see some cool builds!

    KitPvP, Join in and grab one of five free kits which have special abilities.Compete against your friend in a fun PvP environment.