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MoonPower – HiTech Magic SpaceTech Sandbox! Minecraft server

MoonPower server for version 1.7.10 is conducting an open beta test, we give rewards for finding bugs!

– HiTech – IndustrialCraft 2, Applied Energistics 2, Thermal Expansion, MineFactory Reloaded, Forestry, RailCraft, BuildCraft
– Magic – Thaumcraft 4, Blood Magic, Botania, DivineRPG, Twilight Forest, and tons of addons that you won’t see on most projects!
– Spacetech – Space Build with Galacticraft, Ender IO, Mekanism, Matter Overdrive, Applied Energistics 2, Thermal Expansion, Traincraft, Modular Powersuits and many more!
– Sandbox – a server for vanilla lovers (classic servers) with a minimum of mods for decorations and adventures
On any of our servers you will find:
– Voice chat inside the game
– Lots of useful and convenient mods and features
– All plugins are replaced by their own mods with improved and expanded functionality
– Lots of GUIs (user interfaces for working with commands)
– Unique donation system, purchase of individual privileges and the possibility of redemption forever
– Discounts when renewing roles
– Holiday promotions and events
– Responsive administration and prompt problem solving
– We can consider your suggestions for changing mods, adding new ones and holding game events
– For sending us bug / error reports, we give in-game rewards

To play, download our laucher and register on the site
VK group:

BuildCraft Divine RPG Forestry HiTech Industrial Craft Minecraft Cars Minecraft Weapons RailCraft RedPower

⭐LOLILAND⭐❤️BEST ULTRA TECH 1.7.10❤️ Minecraft server

What’s cool we have?
– unique servers for 1.4.7, 1.7.10 and 1.12.2
– a lot of mods on all servers
– a menu for the F4 button, where there is a block store, cases (just like in CS: GO), warps, whales!
– a chat that we have redesigned, where you can put emoticons and stickers, paint the text in any color
– safe exchange between players
– unique and beautiful anime arts (you can look at the screenshots), put them at home and enjoy 🙂
– only we have a clean map on all servers!
Also, look at the screenshots from the servers above !!!

Our servers:
HiTech 1.7.10 is not just a server, but a whole world of nano-technologies! Are you a lover of technology and everything new? Do you like cars, mechanisms, complex schemes? This server is for you!

MagicRPG 1.7.10 is the best magic server! If you are a lover of magic, then our server will surprise you 🙂

DarkMagic 1.12.2 is a unique magic server. You will not find this anywhere else! This server has such mods as ThaumCraft 6, Botania, AstralSorcery, and a huge world filled with secrets and mysteries. It is on this server that you will experience the whole fabulous world of magic and feel the spirit of adventure and wandering!

TechnoMagicRPG 1.7.10 is the server on which high technologies develop along with magic. Do you want to combine all the power of modern mechanisms and magic? Here you can make your dream come true! Come in, explore and explore!

NanoMagic 1.12.2 is a unique and best server for 1.12.2, which combines the new ThaumCraft 6, IndustrialCraft, NeverMine and other techno-magic mods

Galaxy 1.12.2 is a server where you can plunge into an extraordinary space atmosphere and go, for example, into space or to other planets.

PixelMon 1.12.2 – if you love to catch Pokemon and want to play with a huge number of new Pokemon, then you should feel free to go to this server!

Come play with us! You will definitely not get bored here: 3

Divine RPG Draconic evolution Industrial Craft Minecraft Thaumcraft Mo'Creatures

Place for friends Minecraft server

A server with mods for friends. No private, only honest players, many plugins and mods.

Divine RPG Forestry Minecraft Thaumcraft Twilight Forest

[NEW] MagicRPG server Minecraft

MagicRPG Server is a mixture of magic mods and RPG elements. Sometimes it happens when it’s boring to play on the same server and you want something different or more on this server. It will take a really long time to develop, but we think it will be really interesting and exciting. Such a variety of mods and RPG elements just won’t let you get bored on our server. All this and not only you can see on our server

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REVIVAL Minecraft server

Hardcore survival, nowhere safe! Unite in guilds and fight for territories, or be a loner and follow your own path. Develop your character and upgrade your equipment, choose skills in accordance with your style of play. Fight to the last drop of your blood, or be a peaceful artisan trader. Try all this and more at REVIVAL!
Survive and become the best!

Divine RPG Minecraft Thaumcraft Twilight Forest

RPG server with unique interest MBT server Minecraft

Welcome to a unique rpg server for survival. We would like to provide you with OBT servers with mods and unique gameplay. Devine RPG, taumcraft, mobs, twilight forest, botania, and a bunch of smoky chips
We have a stable build with high fps even on a weak pc. But the RAM needs 2500MB

Divine RPG Minecraft Thaumcraft

MagicRPG server Minecraft

MagicRPG is a cool magic Minecraft server with RPG mods that will not let you get bored! Fight bosses, get cool weapons and travel across endless magical worlds. The assembly has fixes by default, as well as good optimization, which will allow you to play without being distracted by lags. Have a nice game!

Divine RPG Minecraft Thaumcraft Twilight Forest

VictoryCraft.Ru | MagicRPG server Minecraft

Welcome to the mystical MagicRPG server. Here you can feel like a truly great magician and wizard. With a unique selection of magical mods, this server will become one of your favorites. A huge number of new monsters are waiting for you in the game. Lots of new weapons and armor will keep you from getting killed by the fearsome creatures. The role of a mage is difficult, but going all the way to the end, you will discover incredible artifacts. Learn all the available numerous branches of spells and become a real archmage. Practice alchemy and thaumium engineering to be the best in every aspect. In general, choose for yourself – stay a newbie or become a server legend.

Divine RPG Minecraft Thaumcraft Minecraft Weapons Twilight Forest

INFINITY CRAFT Minecraft server

The owner of the INFINITY CRAFT server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

Divine RPG Lord of The Rings Minecraft Thaumcraft Minecraft Weapons Twilight Forest

EXMC – Minecraft Magic server

Description of the server A server that is overflowing with magic and sorcery. By studying magic, you can create various mechanisms, conduct witchcraft rituals, practice alchemy, sorcery, and even create magical assistants!