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[1.16.3] CygnusCraft Survival Server


CygnusCraft is a dedicated 24/7 survival server started January 1st of 2019. Since then, empires, alliances, and talented players have come and gone. Make your place in the server’s history!


  • Freedom of speech
  • Hard mode difficulty
  • Default Minecraft world size (30 million by 30 million blocks)
  • Ramped up mob spawning to supply mob farms
  • Building/griefing anywhere
  • Unintrusive premium anti-cheat
  • No map resets
  • AFK farms allowed
  • Building/griefing anywhere
  • Explorable player builds/ruins
  • Rules

  • The creation of machines directly targeted at crippling TPS and/or server performance is not allowed.
  • Disrupting economies by duping or other game-breaking methods is a bannable offense. 0-tick farms have been disabled.
  • Third-party/hacked clients giving the player an unfair advantage over others (x-ray, ESP, etc.) will result in a one-week ban.
  • Doxing others is an instant permanent ban.
  • Our Discord ⇒

    Activecommunity Activeowner Activestaff Communitydriven Communityoriented Events Fun Minecraft116 Smp Survival Survivalserver


    Are you ready for the best SURVIVAL experience in 2020?
    Come join us, in a place where everyone belongs.

    We are very community-driven and are always developing great new events and ideas to better YOUR experience!

    Join us, see what we have to offer – you wont regret it!


    Minecraft Minecraft116 Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvivalserver Survival Survivalserver

    The @DadCanLearn Survival Network

    This server is a whitelisted server. The whitelist is maintained with player protection and security in mind as our top priority. Our application is securely hosted on google drive and is only accessible by the server owners. The application is easy and takes 5 minutes or less! Apply today at

    Come Join the FUN!
    Content creators and casual game players, boy do we have some news for you! The @DadCanLearn Survival Network is a server built for players to have a fun and relaxing Minecraft experience in a safe and family-friendly environment. Our dedicated admin team works around the clock to ensure the quality and performance of our server is able to bring our users the best playing experience during their visit! This server was created by two online content creators looking for a space for themselves and others to showcase their creativity and masterful builds of beauty and wonder. This server encourages building things that make you as the player happy, and not always to please other players but more to please yourself. We look forward to seeing you on the server soon!

    Server Features!
    Our server has a multitude of awesome activities as well as plugins for players in order to enhance the playing experience. We have a lovely build created by a map maker to welcome people into our world and act as a spawn point. We also have some cool places to check out such as a player-run shopping plaza, roman colosseum style PVP arena complete with spleef, bow and arrow PVP, and a boxing ring. And to top it all off, there is a side by side parkour race with the entrance located directly off spawn! Who doesn’t love that stuff!

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    Dream And Destroy – Minecraft Server [Survival 1.8-1.16]

    Soporta versiones: 1.4 – 1.16 (Todas las versiones)
    – Bloques de protección: /ps
    – Casa de subastas: /ah
    – Tienda móvil: /shop
    – Menú de apoyo: /menu
    – Tpea a tus amigos a ti: /tpahere
    – Vuelve a donde falleciste: /back
    – Anuncia tu ausencia: /afk
    – Compara tu fortuna: /balancetop
    – Ten múltiples casas: /sethome (x3)
    – Disfruta espectaculares kits: /kits
    – Siéntate cuando quieras: /sit
    – Abre crates y sorprendete con sus recompensas
    – Consagrate como [CAMPEON PVP]
    – ¡Disfruta de la experiencia Nether Upgrade con tus amigos y sin lag!


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    Hot Girls Minecraft Server

    There is a reason why girls with fantastic breasts like Minewind so much, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason they are so big may be because it’s a very good fit for them with the rest of their anatomy.

    The fact that girls with fantastic breasts get all sorts of weird requests from boys is so weird I wish I didn’t know about it, but, hey, I can only imagine what it might be like for girls who have been with boys their entire lives. Because then they might not be able to do their current and former girlfriend stuff. It’s weird.

    Hot girl relaxing on a crafted white bed after playing Minecraft

    No wonder that girls with large breasts are often accused of cheating and cheating is such a big deal that these days everyone has a story about someone they know having cheated/getting caught lying about their past.  (I know a few people who’ve had their boyfriends stop talking to them on the phone, and then the girl goes out and they don’t see each other for a while.)

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    If you think about it, the only way you could avoid cheating from a guy would be if he was really good at seducing you and you really wanted to cheat on him, and you could cheat with the girl, but if he ever stopped trying to get you to cheat, that wouldn’t work either.  The only way he could stop taking care of you (a pretty high bar) would be if he wasn’t really

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