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Poke Odyssey [Every Pokémon Campaign MMORPG]

Hello everyone reading this! I have been working on a project for the last 7 months to make a MMORPG, no P2W Pokemon server, where all the maps are build to the highest quality all in with inhouse builders. If You can join our community by clicking this discord link –>

This is our FAQ which can also be found in our discord, but I will post it here for those curious but dont want to join the discord.

Q: Why can I not see any other channels?

A: We do this to keep spam bots out. You need to go to #front-gate and click on the envelope icon to get the Trainer Role, which will allow you to see the rest of the channels.

Q: How is this a Pokemon MMO?

A: To be able to get to other campaigns, you will have to go in our campaign order which is Gen 2,1,3,4,5,6,7.
We also will be doing no wipes ever. The xp you gain from battles are slightly lower than other pixelmon servers, making it a bit more grindy, just like how you would in an MMO. This also makes the pokemon more valuable since it will be harder to get to level 100. Not everyone likes our method for this, but it keeps you engaged with the server, especially since we do not do any server wipes.

Q: Is this Pay to Win?

A: No… This community HATES Pay to Win. We have been offered $250 in the past for a max stat pokemon and we still refuse… We hate Pay 2 win alot…

Q: If there is no Pay 2 win, how does the server stay up?

A: This is more than a server to the people who are in here. This is a community, where they can relive the nostalgia of the Original Pokemon games without worrying about things being hidden behind a paywall. This is the idea that started this entire project, and here we are a full fledged community enjoying what we have built over the long time this project has been going. Those who enjoy the community donate to help our cause, but if we still do not get any donations I will pay out of pocket to keep this community up.

Q: Is the community toxic?

A: I would like to think not, as we deal with toxic players pretty quickly. If there are ever any concerns you can always go to #📜create-a-ticket📜 to submit a complaint.

Q: What makes this pixelmon different than the others?

A: Nobody else has the unique maps that we have, we build every single map in house, and we will be making 2 custom fan made maps with their own storyline. We also have around $645 dollars in premium pixelmon mods to enhance the experience. We also have a dedicated skin maker for pokemon, so we have giveaways, or ingame events for skins. Some questlines ingame also reward Pokemon Skins.

Q: Are there Player Ran Gyms aka PVP GYMS?

A: All Gyms in the game are NPC Ran aside from 1 Gym in Sanctuary (The spawn town), which can be contested over every 2 weeks. The winner of the Tournament gets a [​Gym Leader] tag ingame. There can only be 1 gym leader in the game at a time, so if you lose your Gym Leader status you will also lose the Gym Leader title. This keeps tournaments pretty interactive, and alot of people show up just to spectate and watch the battles. The tournament typically lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many contesters there are