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Tired of getting bored from a survival world? Join us on, a server featuring a vast array of new ways to creatively look at a survival server!
CoomWare: is a focused 1.16 enhanced vanilla SMP server. We host a valley of new ideas and features to improve the vanilla experience, without giving away the fun of the classic game.
We host a dynamic shop and supplemented economy, custom crafting recipes, and many more!
Start off your world in a new open environment with only your own limitations holding you back. Don’t worry about grief, looters, or anybody from stopping you! We house a means of undoing any damage done to your land by outsiders, so build and thrive in peace and freedom!
Want to be the richest of them all? Or maybe you’d rather create the biggest empire on the server and show off to the rest of the users! Whatever the case may be, you can get it done on

-=- Features -=-

– Dynamic shop with a balanced economy to ensure you can get what you need without the hassle
– Customize villager professions as well as animal skin textures with the custom MobCycle plugin!
– Craft mob eggs, music discs, chainmail armor, and so many more uncraftable items featuring the custom Uncraftables plugin with so much for you to discover!

– An anti-grief system and anti-looting system set in play to ensure your time and valuables are never in jeopardy of being taken from you.
– Take advantage of our numerous functionality and enhancement plugins! VeinMiner allows you to mine entire veins of ore while sneaking, as well as chop down entire trees, or clear out a huge patch of sand or gravel! CraftBook let’s you sit on stair blocks like chairs, create and operate gates and bridges, and more! NetherTrees makes the netherwart blocks and warped wart blocks on nether trees decay and drop items, just like trees in the overworld! There’s so much you can do here on!

– Loveable staff, and overall friendly community who are also sharing the same interests as you!

Here at, our aim and policy is to ensure the most enjoyable SMP experience possible to the playerbase. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re always looking for new people to enjoy the game with us, and we hope you join us on very soon! 🙂

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♥ Crystal Dream World ♥ 1.15 Minecraft Survival Server || Have Fun, Even Just For A Day ♥

Welcome to the Crystal Dream Word Minecraft Survival Server.

This Server is a family friendly roleplay server that strives to give you the most fun you can have.
We have put alot of love and care into it. These are the features that we offer to you.

– More Acheivements
-Dangerous Caves and Nether
-Custom Dungeons
-Player Radios

We hope that you enjoy your time whilst on the server, and you always welcome to make any suggestion while on it.

Looking Forward to Meeting You!!!