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The FiskHeroes Server

Welcome to THE FISKHEROES SERVER, a 1.7.10 Modded Superhero Minecraft server running the FiskHeroes Mod. The server offers a vast variety of Suits that players can enjoy and have fun with.

– > Wilderness World
– > Modded Ores
– > Keep Inventory
– > Create Homes
– > Claim your Bases to protect them from Griefing
– > Random Teleport to get farther out in the world
– > Find NPCs in the Cities and aid them in their quests
– > Earn Amazing Rewards for doing these Quests
– > Rewards vary depending on the Difficulty
– > Rewards include Tutridium and Eternium
– > More Quests added Weekly
– > Battle other Players
– > Maximum of 10 Players per Match
– > Minimum of 2 Players per Match
– > 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5
– > Multiple Arenas including Gotham and Metropolis
– > Suits are provided during the match
– > Unlock additional Suits by levelling up in Survival
– > Maximum Level 20
– > Level up by Killing other Players or Mobs
– > Every Level gives Rewards
– > Rewards include Tutridium, BAL, Crate Keys, and
– > Unlock suits for HeroGames by levelling
– > Your Level is shown towards the left of your Username in chat
– > Use /Warps to access Warps
– > Travel Between Cities and the Wilderness
– > Travel to the HeroGames lobby
– > Travel to Arenas to fight other Players
– > Use /Kits to access Kits
– > Kits supply with you different items and materials
– > New Players have access to /kit Food, /kit Claim, and /kit Starter
-> Once you’ve reached 24 hours played you become Verified and gain access to /kit Verified
– > Additional Kits can only be unlocked by purchasing ranks through the Server Shop
– > A New Battlepass every Month
– > 20 Total Tiers
– > Progress by Completing Daily Challenges
– > Rewards include Tutridium, Eternium, BAL, AND Battlepass Exclusive Suits
– > SEASON 1 Battlepass June 4th – June 30th
– > Go to the In Game Shop via /warp Shop
– > Gain In Game Money by selling valuable ores in the Shop
– > Purchase Ores and Items in the shop by right clicking the signs assigned to the item

– > Purchase Tags from the Server Shop (/buy)
– > Tags are shown to the left of your Username
– > Tags can vary from something such as AVENGERS to SPEEDSTER
– > There are over 80 tags
– > All Tags have a equal chance of being obtained from the Tag Crate

– > Use /AH to access the Auction House
– > List Valuable Items on the Auction House to sell to other players
– > Purchase items that are listed on the Auction House by other players
– > Make Money and slowly make yourself to the top of /baltop
– > There are multiple cities to explore such as Metropolis and Gotham
– > You can travel to Cities using /warps
– > There are NPCs scattered through the cities that can give you quests
– > Certain Cities have houses that can be purchased
– > To travel to certain Cities you must be Verified (24 hours played)
– > This server uses the Advanced FiskHeroes addon
– > Although Advanced FiskHeroes is a public addon, some suits added to the addon will be exclusive to the server only
– > Use /warp Crates to go to the Crates
– > Crate Keys can be obtained through the Server Shop, Levelling, Donator Kits, Battlepass, and Quests
– > All Suits and Tags have an equal chance of being obtained from their Crates

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Fisk’s Evolved

This server, Fisk’s Evolved, will be returning soon, and there will be 2-5 suits added to the server via my HeroPack, and those suits will be exclusive to my server for my players to enjoy, so be sure to join it!

All info on the server will be posted in my network, Divine Network’s discord: [url=”[​u][​color=#e74c3c][​/color][​/u]”][/url]

If you all don’t know what Fisk’s Evolved is, it’s a server I made back last year. I had an idea, just like Tihyo combined his four mods to create the Legends mod, why not combine all of Fisks mods to create soemthing similar? I was surprised no one had thought of this before because it was brilliant. Just like the Legends mod offers Superheroes, Star Wars, Horror, and Kaiju; Fisk’s Evolved offers Superheroes, Star Wars, Transformers, Dinosaurs, and much more! It’s a very fun server and will be returning, release date is TBA, but lets just say Fisk’s Evolved will become Fisk’s Mega Evolved!

Main features of the server:

– A huge survival and open build world

– PVP for the entire survival world

– Claiming and ability to share claims with your friends

– Donator ranks and purchasable suits, ranks, nicknames, etc.

Our server also includes other features such as:

– Interactive in-game auction house to sell and purchase items from other players.

– Multiple cities to explore!

– PVP arenas

– Modded Mini-games!