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PimpFactions [1.8 – 1.15]

PimpFactions is a [​1.8-1.15] factions server completely analyzed around factions and cannoning. We have amazing plugins and a completely balanced economy with mulitple ways to make millions! We have put alot of work in so far. Join our discord and come play!

– Fixed/Massive cannons!

– FTOP giveaway upon reset

– Buycraft giveaways

– Vote rewards

– Chunkbusters/Genbuckets

– Automatic DropParty events!

– 1V1 DUELS with bets!

– CoinFlip bets!

– Effecient economy and shops!

– Sell Wands/Harvester hoes/Trench pickaxe and more!

– Outposts and KOTH(Coming Soon).