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Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 | Biome’s O Plenty
Server IP:

If you enjoy playing Survival Minecraft and like Pokemon then we have the server for you!

Magma Red Pixelmon gives you and provides one of the friendliest fun server to date!

Magma Red Pixelmon takes the popular Pokémon-themed Pixelmon mod and makes it multiplayer. The world is free reign, you can go whenever you want from the beginning. It’s completely up to you!

If you’re looking for the more general Pokemon Experience we have 8 GYMS set up and a MASSIVE SKYTOWER MALL to buy from and did we mention the PRETTIEST BIOME’s in Minecraft! With Biome’s O Plenty, you’ll be givens dozens of new areas to explore! From the Alps to Lavender Fields.

The blocky nature of Minecraft cutely replicates the feel of the Pokémon games, and makes this genuinely feel like an accurate depiction of a Pokémon MMO. There’s an authentic feel of love on the server, with a friendliness and warmth that only forcing cute animals to maul each other to near-death can provide

Click to download, Recommended Forge 1.12.2
Download Forge 1.12.2 v.2854

Click to download Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 Mod
Download Pixelmon Mod.

Click to download Biome’s O Plenty Mod
Download Biome’s O Plenty

If you need help installing, talk to us on our Discord!
Magma Red Discord

Duel Hub Minecraft Survival


We are a brand new survival server with custom plugins and a fresh map for our players to begin adventuring on.
Every player has access to a randomtp so you can find the perfect spot to start your adventure!
Our claiming system allows you to protect your home and loot from anyone who may try to steal, damage or otherwise grief.
We have a live reporting system for players to use should they encounter a bug, need in game help, or need to report someone they feel may be cheating. The report goes straight to the server staff who can handle it asap with no problems.
As soon as we have established testing on our custom plugins we will also implement ranks to reward players who are loyal to our server.
We hope to create a small community of players on our server and evolve it based on their suggestions and input

In the future we are also interested in adding more game modes to our network including creative and hardcore survival as well as others.
Thank you for your time and have a great time in our server!

Anthersky Duekinkajou4384 Keithcraft Keithcraftjoinjavanet Minecraft Mrdueking Newserver Nopay2win Smp Staff Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival World


KeithCraft 1.8


Keithcraft is a Survival Server With:

Greif Protection

New World
No Staff Abuse

Not Pay2Win
No Buying Ranks

Free Hardcore Pvp Minecraft Mvp Pvp Server Smp Uhc


Minigame, SMP, Bedwars, PVP, and more!! My socials are all @TheARSniper YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. My Snapchat is adrianramos609 dm or contact me if you have any questions 🙂 and mostly have fun 🙂

Fun Minecraft Smp Survival Survivalserver Twitch Twitchtv

SuchJelly SMP

I made this server to help build a community for my twitch account! We have a few players that stay on to play every day but we would love to have more.
We are a very chill community and we are always down to make new friends!

The discord is

18plus Community Mature Minecraft Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelist

Everlast | 18+ community-focused whitelist vanilla server!

Everlast ✨

I created this environment to enjoy playing Minecraft with cool people from all over the world, and to have a place online that I could call home

Who are we?
We are a mature 18+ community-focused vanilla Minecraft server that functions similar to the Hermit Craft series.
‘Community-focused’ because we are doing certain projects together such as; shopping district, nether hub, Ender dragon event etc.
To enhance the vanilla gameplay we use a couple vanilla tweaks data packs:

– 1 Player sleep.
– Dragon drops.
– Double Shulkers
– Custom Nether portal.
– Armor statues.
– HUD coords.

Our server is all trust based which means that there are no land claims whatsoever, however we do have admin plugins that could help with anti griefing / hackers to keep the server in balance.
Make sure to read the rules / server info first before you apply.
In order to play you’ll need to fill in an application and get accepted into our community.

Server information
– Version Java 1.16.3
– Mob grief enabled.
– Age requirement 18+
– No map resets (un till update 1.17)
– Difficulty hard.

Apply now:

Faction Factionserver Minecraft Server


Welcome to Dash’s PVP Factions server
MC survival but with multiple teams (factions)
Fight other teams
PluginsEvery month we reset the server
Meet new friends and have fun
Join our discord too and follow us on Insta @sayk.pods

Hermitcraft Minecraft Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Veinminer Whitelist

El Chonk |

1.16.4 Vanilla server. There is a couple plugins regarding quality of life. The only thing that may be controversial is vein miner (Logs, ores, sand, gravel). It would be cool to emulate HermitCraft as there is a whitelist on the server. If you could add me on discord, we could start talking about adding you to the whitelist : )

IP :
Discord : C h e e s e#9171
Discord server :

Brandnew Community Cow Data Datapack Diamond Diamonds Friends Hermit Hermitcraft Jumbo Minecraft Mumbo Needed New Noafkkick Nolandclaim Nopay2win Noplugins Pack Poa Redstone Shoppingdistrict Shops Smo Smop Smp Spice Staff Survival Vanilla

SpiceSMP | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Brand New

Do you watch Hermitcraft or any other SMP style youtubers? Ever wanted to try out that gameplay? If so this server is here for you. So why us? The answer is pretty simple; there are a lot of SMP servers out there however, majority of those have land claim and pay2win. Not us, not here. We strive ourselves on the main aspects of Minecraft. The grind, the builds, the community and friendships. We have 0 land claim plugins, you are free to roam at will. No pay2win, we do not offer kits for people to purchase. This gives an unfair advantage on others. We like to keep things equal and fair.

In what ways are we “Semi-Vanilla”? Well we dont have mods and game changing addons, just simple ones to keep things flowing easily and keep players motivated. For example a chat name system based on progress. The more you play and complete the vanilla advancements the higher you are. However, someone at the top tier does not have any advantage over those who are new. Those who work are those who gain.

Sound interested? We release soon so join the discord and apply now. Have your say in how the server can run. We are a community. Everything is fair.

Check out our Rules:

Apply at our Discord:

Discordsrv Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Minecraft Minecraftserver Server Survival Whitelist

Venturecraft- A Vanilla Experience

VentureCraft is a java 1.16.3+ Vanilla SMP with a small (But Friendly!) community!
Moderatley Established Server, Share new builds and farms with us!
New players who commit are given tools and materials (by their own server members!)
Incredibly friendly, and helpful community.
Includes Shopping District, Nether hub, community projects and events!
Featuring: Some Hermitcraft datapacks, Coreprotect! ,DiscordSrv(links Minecraft and discord chat so you can cross type) and more!
Join this discord server to start!

Note: Whitelist is on

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