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BlackKnight Hardcore Towny War

BlackKnight – Hardcore Towny War

Are you a fan of HCF, or Towny War? Are you bored of the same copy-paste formula of pay-to-win Factions servers popping up left and right?
BlackKnight is unique!
On BlackKnight, you can fully take over other towns, and conquer their land. Through warflags, you can annex other towns claims!

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SpengiCraft | Best PVP Server | Dynmap | Worldborder | 15k+ Views PMC


This server is an 100% hardcore PVP!
There is no place to hide with our Dynamic map:
Fight your enemies, build your base, defende it!
We are looking for hardcore players that don’t cry if they lose theire base.
Rebuild and fight back!
We do our best to keep the server as simple as possible to have a strong balanced economy.
Make sure to join @
Join our community –>

Welcome to SpengiCraft

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Server IP:

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RL Craft Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

Minecraft is a very hard game as it is and some servers make it even harder so keep practicing, learn, and never give up, you may have something to look forward to. You’ll have to try it out for yourself to find out how it plays out, I suggest you join Minewind least once a week and give it a shot yourself, you will love it.

Just the other day I was playing Minewind with popular girls from school, it was like the happiest I’ve ever been. But it was a little scary at the very beginning because I had no idea what’s going on or what the game would bring and I don’t really know what to expect. Also, they were playing without any hacks. They were like, “Oh man, I’m in no need for a hack”.

Cute girl playing hard Minecraft server without using a hacked client while Panda is watching and helping.

As a Minecraft addict, I was very pleased to find that I have a number of friends who play the game as well for fun! But it got me thinking: Is it possible to become an expert in Minecraft?

The answer is yes. You can achieve this on your own if you have the time:

I have started my Minecraft journey by finding many of the beginner’s guides and tutorials, I have also read many expert books to see what advice is out there, and I watched Minecraft videos to learn the basics. It has already taken me 10 years to become an experienced Minecraft player (I am a long time player in the last 8 years but am no longer obsessed with gaming).

One of my favorite memories I’ve had was the morning I had to go into the workshop to pick up the first block of gold because there was so little and there was so much to play with that I didn’t know where to start. The first thing I had to do was mine a slab of dirt. So, I dug out more of the dirt, and started to build some new things. After a while, I finally hit the ground, and realized I wasn’t able to build a structure. It took me two attempts to get past this stage.

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