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Your-Quest Modded RP

This is Your-Quest a dedicated Roleplay server inspired by an old time favourite server called “The Chronicles of Haeriven” currently a WIP server I want to reignite the fond memories of The Shadows of Israphel and create a realtime and ever expanding adventurous landscape.

Choose to be a Hero or a Villain with this ever changing universe. Currently there is one completed Town (Bursch) and a near completed main Capital of Luphyre to join the adventure head to our site now and fill in an application.

Complete with cheap donation rewards that reward the entire server for 1 single contribution, No Pay2Win BS.

Were recruiting a mature audience to this brand new server. We have mods such as Electrobobs Wizardry, Ice & Fire and Conquest Reforged to add a spark of beauty to the world you explore. Then a slice of Tough As Nails and Serene Seasons to add a touch of difficulty to exploration.
Players will need to work together to survive.

Currently WIP were adding NPCs to sell items too.
See our Enjin for more information.