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Facepalm network (1.8-1.16)

Facepalm network (1.8-1.16)
Please vote for a good crate key!

Basic information:
discord server:
Brief introduction:
Facepalm network is mainly a mini game and pvp network, with extension part like skyblock and survival(coming in the future). We will always want to give the player a good experience of the game, so everything on our server is very original, and even the rank price is cheap.

How original?We thought our mini game ideas ourself, with developer developing it. And also, we refuse to use commonly used money unit like dollars, coins or tokens on our server, we use cookies as our money unit for buying stuff.


We also notice that many servers got kitpvp, so we took kitpvp to the next level. With kits shop, events every day to get free better stuff, and also a duel system.
Remember to vote for our server and get free crate keys!

We now only have 2 mini games because we need more support for it! Let us introduce you the mini games that is on our server now!
The swimttles:
(This game is not finished yet. Please wait for a while and we will finish it.)

Recommended using 1.13

Swimttles is basically an Olympic swimming competition with pvp on.
swimttles is a mini game for 2-16 players. A match will be about 10 minutes. When it starts, the players will spawn in water. Players will get a sharpness 2 sword, and full protection 2 armor and a trident at the start of the game.
PvP will be on after 5 second after the game started. If a player kills another player, the player will get 1 point. If a player went to the end of the pool, the player will get 2 point. If a player got killed, they can respawn in 5 seconds and got invincibility for seconds. The first player that gets 20 marks wins. If all of the player fail to get 20 marks in the time limit, the player will the most mark wins. If two players has the same mark, the time will extend until one player got a kill or go to the another side of the pool.

Diamond Wars:
[​img][​/img]this is a minigame for 5 players.
so there will be 4 players being a villager, and 1 player being a raider.
the villager will have full iron armor and iron sword and the raider will get full diamond armour (with protection 1) and diamond sword(with sharpness 1).
in the arena of the diamond wars, there will be 5 diamond spawning, and only the raider can get those diamonds.
the goal of the raider is to get all 5 of the diamonds, and kill every villagers. Then the raider will win.
Everytime the raider gets a diamond, the raider’s walking speed will be more and more faster.
the goal of the villagers is to kill the raider. if the raider is killed, the villager wins.
if the raider cannot kill all the villagers after getting all the diamonds in five minutes , the villager will win too.
the winner(s) will get 100 cookies.

KitPvP, with 1.8 pvp combats, enhancing player’s pvp experience.
Except for normal boring kits, we also have throwable tnts,launchers,tntbows and grabbling hooks with more special stuff!
With a 1v1 combat system, you can 1v1 a friend or a random person!
Also, in everyday’s 8:30am EST, there will be an event. You can get a good sword with that event!

Well, of course. We have crates.
Everyone can get a daily crate every day, by right click the Daily reward NPC at spawn, and hold the key and click the daily crate ender chest. Also there are crates that you can buy with cookies, and crate for different ranks.

Ranks and donations:
We would always want to enhance player’s experience, so we sell ranks, tags(aka suffixes) and crates.
[​img][​/img]This is the price of our ranks, and every rank last permanently.
The cheapest rank is just $1!!!
So please consider buy one and support us so we can make more fun minigames!

Staff applies:We are a new server and we need staff! Please continue help us by applying for staff on our server!
You can apply for:
You can apply on here: