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SkuadMC 1.15.2

Hey all! Let me introduce myself! My name is Skulxr (just Sku is fine) and I’m one of the three Managers of SkuadMC! SkuadMC is a community oriented survival server that strives to deliver a familiar yet interesting SMP experience. We utilize a combination of commonly used plugins as well as custom plugins to accomplish our goal and provide this experience. A few notable features we have are as follows:

GriefPrevention (Land Claiming)

By far our most important feature, this commonly used plugin allows players to select areas of land to claim and own. As you may know, this plugin also allows you do things such as add friends to your claims, buy and sell claim blocks, and specify how other people can interact with things in your claim. However, we have added a Flag plugin that allows you to apply flags with various effects to your claims, such as not allowing others to enter, changing the time and weather, and even flight and biome changing.

SkuadMC Levels (Progression System)

This feature is custom to our server. We have this feature to provide players with a form of progression that keeps them interested and gives them a goal to strive towards. The two lowest ranks, Newcomer and Member, unlock various perks and rewards as they progress through the server such as money and experience as well as mcMMO boosters and other perks. However, the most important thing this feature does is restricts donor perks. Donors and regular players start off almost completely the same save for access to cosmetic perks. Donors unlock their commands and perks through leveling up, even their kits are restricted. This provides everyone with the same starting point and makes things much more fair for the average player.

MythicMobs/Artifacts (Custom Mobs and Items)

Now, to some this might be a turn off, and we get that. Even on our staff team this has divided us. So we reached a compromise. Within the first 15k blocks around spawn (the range of the RTP command), everything is normal. Mobs work as expected and drop normal items. However, past this 15k border reside the Mythic Mobs. These are custom mobs with in depth attacks and abilities that drop ingredients for custom recipes and tools. The Ender Dragon boss fight is of particular notability, as it has been bumped up in difficulty and now requires a group to beat.

Other Features (Shops, Auctions, Crates, etc)

We of course have a wide variety of smaller features throughout the server. At spawn you’ll find shop stalls that you can rent by the week with the ability to customize. Chest shops come into play here as they are vital in making money, as there is no server market here. Alternatively you can choose to Auction any item you wish in our GUI based Auction House. Then of course there is voting, which gets you crate keys that can be used to get some pretty cool loot. We also have a referral system that lets you get rewards for inviting new people to the server by giving them a code to use when they login.

There are many many more things to talk about, but we’d prefer if you just joined and experienced them for yourself. But before I go I’d like to talk a bit about the most defining feature, our community. The community here is very close and welcoming. We primarily talk and chat via our Discord server, which you can find linked below. You’re certain to find friends here no matter what you decide to do.

Thanks for reading if you read all of this! We hope to see you on the server soon!
– Skulxr, SkuadMC Management