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Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

Economy Levelup Mcmmo Nonpay2win Pve Pve Economy Pvp Smp Survival



We are a brand new server looking to expand our community and grow. The server is heavily economy based, as in everything can be obtained through the in-game currency system. Through the custom level up system, many things can be unlocked so the server is very anti-P2W. As you level, you unlock more perks with the final perks unlocking /fly and /flyspeed. Claims are enabled naturally to protect your farms so you can safely earn money and get higher on /baltop. PVP is disabled by default, but for those who enjoy can /pvp on at any time, in any world, if you’d like to participate.


  • Custom tags
  • Claimed land
  • Marriage
  • McMMO
  • PlayerVaults
  • /shop
  • IP:


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