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4Kids SMP (Youtubers/Streamer SMP)

Welcome to the Newest and most Coolest SMP server you’ll ever join!

Today we all embark on our new world and we as a SMP server will do that together. everyone is welcome to join! NO Whitelist, Youtubers and Content Creators are welcome to join and make videos! we all support one another and its cill Survival server with no pay to win AT ALL!

Non-content creators are sill welcome 🙂

The Server is under going Spawn Maintenance and could use your help!


Looking for new members, 2 moderators and 1 admin! This SMP server needs commands and helpers to launch the world officially for creators and casual players

If you’re on Tik Tok or YouTuber this would be a good place to be for mini games and events for content. You can join the discord here:

applications for mods/ admin will be posted on the server. Looking for good individuals, no drama and anyone and everyone is welcome to join.


the server will have its own official Texturepack that can be used while playing on the 4Kids SMP. (Not mandatory but definitely recommend for buildings/themed builds)

if you have any questions please HMU!