/s/ Birds Caves Deep Dark Detailed Disaster Disasters Expensive Fantastic Rping Rune Seasons Smooth Survival Weather


URUNERPG is a survival server that has been made for gamers by gamers.

✔️ Expensive server plan only the top of the range hardware for smooth gameplay✔️ Fantastic ping wherever you’re located✔️ Custom biomes with over 70 various custom mobs✔️ Realistic weather disasters, seasons and mob bosses✔️ Realistic PvP✔️ 20 additional custom , highly detailed dungeons for players to raid✔️ Realistic audio submersion birds chirping, leaves blowing in the wind reverb in the deep dark caves
How do I start playing?

  • Download our modpack 
  • Open curse-forge
  • Click “+ Create Custom Profile”
  • Click on “Import”
  • Drag/Drop the modpack and press play
  • Server IP 📚

    Beautiful Biomesoplenty Birds Creatures Dinos Dinosaur Discord Dragons Dventure Erver Exploration Friendly Fun Furniture Hermitcraft Machines Minecraft Modded Mystical Ommunity Survival

    Travellers Archaeology!

    Hiya there mates!

    My Name is Max and I’m the proud owner of Travellers Archaeology!

    Travellers Archaeology is a survival server with dinosaurs, machines, furniture and much much more! We were originally just a server for our friends but we hope to grow fast!

    We offer special ranks to certain people and have a very friendly staff team who can always help!

    We have 3 Districts!

    An amazing spawn built by me and our staff with hopes to have lore, adventure and more!

    A shopping district where players can trade diamonds for plots and sell items of their choice.

    The same rules apply to our Minigame district where players can build minigames to have fun with friends!

    Discord Server:

    If you’d like to join just hop on down to the Discord server and say hello and me or a staff member will help you on!

    /r/ Birds Canvas Creative Creative Mode Eye Giant Health Let's No swearing Perspective Pixel Art R/place Reddit Shows

    Mosaic – /r/Place in Minecraft [Creative] [Pixel-Art]

    Minecraft Mosaic is a re-creation of Reddit’s /r/Place in Minecraft!

    How it works is simple:

  • Join the Server
  • Spawn In Creative Mode
  • Grab whatever blocks you like and start creating pixel art on a giant canvas!
  • Things to note:

  • You can only build on a 1 high plane in order to create pixel art that can be viewed form a top-down perspective
  • The online map shows the canvas from a birds eye view. Find it at
  • You can use /co I to see who placed specific blocks
  • You have fly enabled automatically so you can fly around the map to look at things and build easily.
  • There are no building cooldowns like there were on the original /r/place but we may add them in the future if the server becomes too busy
  • Rules:

  • No inapropriate images. These will be removed.
  • Healthy ‘wars’ are ok but let’s make sure everyone is having fun! Toxic wars will be stopped.
  • No swearing. Be Kind and Courteous, and have fun!

  • Categories
    Birds Build battle Coins Cracked Creative Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Multiplayer Oins Party Pvp Skywars Spleef Survival

    Zbirds World

    Minecraft server {Cracked}
    -Vote us
    – Minigames with Rewarding coins for custom ranks
    – Multiplayer survival
    – {Server Special} Party Games
    – Bedwars
    – Kitpvp {Coming soon}
    – Spleef
    – Build Battle

    Areas Birds Gts Legendary Misa Pixelmon Pokedex Shiny Shrine Shrines Technicpack Texture Tower Training Tts


    SakuraMC is a modern and authentic Pokémon world begin your adventure as a Pokémon master. Easiest way to get started is by installing our Technic Pack here:
    Server IP:
    • Friendly Community
    • Textured Pokémon
    • Naturally-spawning Shiny and Boss Pokémon
    • Level Up Tower Training Zone
    • Pokédex Rewards
    • Sell Pokemon & Items to other players on a GTS system
    • Shrines for the Legendary Birds
    • Boosted EV Training Arenas
    • Customisable naming effects for your Pokémon
    • Keep Inventory║Claimed areas║PvP is turned off

    Anarchy Birds Cheats Deaths Discord Dupe Dupes Farms Houses Machines Murder Risk Rules Serves Vault

    Glory Cave .. anarchy without rules Minecraft server

    Server mode anarchy
    Rules: – lagging machines and farms are prohibited, cheats are prohibited

    server address:
    server port: not needed
    server version: 1.16.4

    world size – 2.8 million blocks

    All losses of inventory, deaths due to server lags or game lags are not counted. Assess your risks yourself when moving.
    The administration will not restore your inventory.

    Theft and murder are permitted, the vault of your houses is permitted.
    The administration reserves the right to fight cheaters, as well as restore the spawn point of the world. Destroy lag machines and farms that create a high load on the server. Kill large clusters of mobs.

    The administration reserves the right to enter donation or privileges on the server, for example / sethome.
    The administration will, if possible, block dupes and bugs … but of course not everything.

    Now the server is in test mode – bugs and reboots are possible!

    Whiners and crybirds do not enter!

    Birds BuildCraft Dangerous Draco Emotions Flash Forestry Ghost HiTech Industrial Craft Landscape Laws Raven Snow Walking

    DraconicTechnoMagic 1.12.2 SKOLOT.FUN Minecraft server

    Description of the “Magic Dimension” server
    A portal opened before you, whose power lured and tempted. You were afraid to enter there, thinking that you would lose your mind again, but this time you had your familiar with you who could bring you to your senses. You finally conquered your most important fear and entered this portal and saw … Just simple vanilla survival, where the laws of magic and technology do not obey. You tried to use a relic and a familiar, but everything is even. This is a continuous dimension in which there is no magic, you are left alone with the landscape and birdsong.

    On a cold cloudy day, it started raining and you had to seek shelter. In the end, build it yourself. You cut down some trees and saw that some entity made of ice was watching you. The entity looked like … Crow? Coming closer, he flew away, leaving a note written in blood. On a piece of parchment it was written – Measuring vanilla is dangerous, my friend. Beware of hostile creatures. I was overwhelmed with emotions, and there was still a man who carried magic into a certain dimension.

    Dusk fell and I saw that Crow again. A question immediately flashed through my mind.
    – What does he want from me?
    Perhaps he wanted to lead me to the one whose power is great. I called the ice crow to my shoulder, but he again had a roll of parchment with the signature of that same Crow. The letter said about him, and that the raven would show the way across the sea. You just need to ask.
    I brought the raven to the water, as soon as he stepped on the cold water … it immediately became ice, and thick white snow fell on the ice. Walking along the path, you saw peasants looking in your direction. And then a voice came from the crow.
    – They don’t see you. After that, I immediately asked.
    – Why?
    – Walking through this snow you become a ghost, and they see only the raging sea.

    For the rest of the road we walked in silence, and the thought of how the Crow, even the icy one, can speak, did not let go. A cold morning came and the ice raven led me to a huge ice castle with a huge gate to it.
    Ice Raven, said:
    – Come in, I’m waiting for you.
    I did not hesitate for a second, went to the castle …

    1.15 1.8 Birds Crate Crates Economy Hype Job Jobs Quest Quests Rates Sts Survival Uests

    HypeBirds MC

    New Survival Server!

    Playable on 1.8 – 1.15

    Jobs, Quests, Crates, and more!

    Accounts Birds Destruction Economy Elon Eye Hard Survival Hardcore Hunting Incredible Interactive Mojang Pvp Survival Towny


    Unlock the mystery of Melonia

    Main focus on Very Hard Survival

    Custom Loot | Custom Mobs | Mob Arena | Economy

    Enjoy the Dark Lore of Melonia while hunting down Real Players, taking their Heads and making a Profit
    Dozens of Customized Armor, Weapons and Crafting Materials that drop from Custom Mobs; hellbent on your destruction
    Stake your claim out on our Open Map. With a 30,000 Block Diameter Area you are sure to never run out of room!

    Enjoy a birds eye view of your creation real time with our incredible and highly interactive Dynmap!
    *Only Authentic Mojang Accounts accepted
    *Age Recommendation: 14+

    Ae2 Birds Chisel Discord Draco Draw Forest Forestry Generator Generators Grave Graves Immersive Jetpacks React

    Birds of the Sky

    Join us on Discord to find out more and to join.

    Mods include:


    Big Reactors
    Blood Magic



    Draconic Evo



    Immersive Eng


    Immersive int

    Iron chests











    …And More.