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Infinity Furnace

Infinity Furnace is a Towny/Economy Minecraft server with some RPG elements to keep the game alive. Levels for players and mobs, bosses, raids, dungeons, parties and classes. Diamonds and emeralds don’t spawn naturally and are used as a hard earned currency. Iron is used as the base currency, and you can earn it by taking on Jobs or just trading with players! Hire a villager for 1 emerald, and set them up to barter your items while you’re away!

Diamonds and Emeralds do not naturally generate, they have to be bartered for or earned inside of Raids!

Raids are special events that allow players to charge their way into the other dimensions, collect rare materials, and slay customized bosses!

Other dimensions are only accessible during raids, and the server is still under development. Expect new features in incoming releases!

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BRU-AL’s DOMAIN, Medieval Roleplay Experience. [COMING VERY SOON!] (Caedaverse)

Bru-Al’s Domain is a low fantasy, medieval, roleplaying server.


Our story features the remnants of a vast race of humans, and their colonization of a new land: Skantos. After being forced to flee their ancestral home, the new arrivals are now subject to the unknowns and wilds of a new continent.

Join us, and forge your own story.

Launching this June.

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Floston Paradise

Its basic minecraft survival! Except!

There are a few added extras to provide a little more depth to the normal single player feel you get from vanilla survival servers.

Things like –

– Land claim, add people to your claim and team up!

– Gringots economy, valut you currency and try to keep it safe.

– Shopkeepers, npcs that can be traded with in the main spawn area.

– Player shops, set up a shop and trade with other players.

– Silk spawners… 🙂
OR if you get bored with survival and want more of a challenge. /is and start a oldschool skyblock island.
I made this server with what I wanted from it in mind, so it might be a little strange xD