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Minexle – [Anarchy] [1.18.2+] OPEN ALPHA

           Exlex ˈekˌsleks , latin for outlaw, or without legal authority.

This is Minexle, a boundless anarchy server that aims to take a refreshing approach on the familiar gamemode.

Minexle has taken the familiar vanilla default and has modified it by adding a large array of significant challenges aimed at prolonging the vanilla experience and promoting player to player interactions. Like with any true anarchy server, there will be no central hub, or active administration to dictate how you should play. This is your story, your way of rule.

With little to no guidance, you will set foot on a server with no commands, no familiar chat system, and unfamiliar mechanics. You will have to cross massive scorching hot deserts and climb the largest mountain ranges you’ve ever seen. Biomes that span thousands of blocks across. Watch out for the changing seasons where days can be short and nights dreadfully long. You will have to seek player contact yourself since messages will only reach those that can hear you. You will need to make your own discoveries and overcome any obstacles yourself. Will you collaborate with a team of like-minded players and build a world together, or do you want to peacefully settle alone out in the wilderness never to be seen? How will you handle the unique challenges that come with resource acquisition?

Minexle, an entirely community-driven world where you, the player, can make your own story.


Minexle is currently in OPEN-ALPHA and as such there will be plenty of bugs and potential performance issues. There will be many unannounced feature changes and added mechanics. The hope is to create a consistent, immutable world instance, however, world resets are unfortunately a reality that we must accept, as they may be necessary to further improve balancing and resolve any potential instabilities. Please follow @minexle on twitter for any important announcements/updates. If you’re having any issues and want to report a bug, please send a detailed summary of the problem to [email protected] Rules suck, and although I strive to keep an uncontrolled/non-invasive atmosphere to promote as much player freedom as possible, there is one simple rule:

Modifications to the game that promote an unfair advantage over other players or otherwise are well noted as “cheats”,   ”hacks” or “hacked clients” are not tolerated and is a bannable offense.