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A fun little community server where we aim to share our love for survival! We’re brand new, join us today!

No one wants to read a wall of text about anything, so here’s a list of
reasons for why you should consider Eltrea to be your next survival home!

↠ 1.9.x – 1.16.x compatibility (yes, even 1.16.2!)
↠ Custom built spawn (by me and my team!)
↠ Beautiful custom world and /resource world
↠ No lag and stable performance
↠ Server and player-run economy
↠ Intuitive /towns system
↠ Vote and Event crates (no pay-to-win nonsense!)
↠ Crate armour sets and custom enchantments
↠ Land claims and claimblocks
↠ Custom /rankup system (with in-game money!)
↠ RandomTeleportation (/rtp)
↠ The staple /home’s, /back and /warp’s
↠ Player vault storage (/pv)

… the list goes on!

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Welcome to Tingsterland!

A server with factions, slimefun, creative, mcmmo, some other stuff, and a friendly (tiny) community 😀

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A Custom SkyBlock Experience! Custom Duels, Hoppers, Furnaces, Maps, Starting Islands, Enchantments, and more! We make an effort at AresCube to give you the best possible, custom SkyBlock experience! Join us to play some amazing SkyBlock!

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[❉] RageCastle Network [❉] PvP/Towny/SkyWars!

RageCastle offers a variety of gamemodes to enjoy!

[+] Practice PvP – epic pvp server with no limits!

[+] Friendly Towny survival experience offering high end enjoyable gameplay and friendly staff!

[+] OP SkyWars – guns, kits, epic perks!

RageCastle is Server that is always Up-To-Date and always listening to player feedback. Many of the features you will find on our server are completely unique.




Server IP:

Up Time – 24/7