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Minecraft Harem Server

Having your very own harem of robo sluts just doesn’t add up to an assortative mating system for males, is it? Anyways, this same argument is often presented as a rebuttal to why men are not attracted to women who are into the harem lifestyle.

If I want to fuck and finger my succubus harem, I’ll take it. Don’t go around thinking that “that’s the only way I could do it,” because she’s a hell of a woman, but I will take her pussy in every possible way. It would be an honor to screw a succubus, but I will also take her friends.

Sometimes I fuck normal girls from my harem while maintaining my harem status, but I don’t have to just do that if I don’t want to. I can also do wild duels if I want. There is nothing too hard about it.

Being a generous harem god I even let my boys fuck the sluts ! That’s my way of showing them that I’m still just as kinky as ever. But there’s only one problem: I can’t seem to get them to come back from their wild nights.

I pride myself for having a harem of horny bitches with big tits, real big tits. Girls who are curvy and hot as hell! I’m sure you can relate to that.

Harem whores must obey their master ‘s every command. Dominating a herd of women is a lot easier when you know the women’s reactions.

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A fun little community server where we aim to share our love for survival! We’re brand new, join us today!

No one wants to read a wall of text about anything, so here’s a list of
reasons for why you should consider Eltrea to be your next survival home!

↠ 1.9.x – 1.16.x compatibility (yes, even 1.16.2!)
↠ Custom built spawn (by me and my team!)
↠ Beautiful custom world and /resource world
↠ No lag and stable performance
↠ Server and player-run economy
↠ Intuitive /towns system
↠ Vote and Event crates (no pay-to-win nonsense!)
↠ Crate armour sets and custom enchantments
↠ Land claims and claimblocks
↠ Custom /rankup system (with in-game money!)
↠ RandomTeleportation (/rtp)
↠ The staple /home’s, /back and /warp’s
↠ Player vault storage (/pv)

… the list goes on!

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A Custom SkyBlock Experience! Custom Duels, Hoppers, Furnaces, Maps, Starting Islands, Enchantments, and more! We make an effort at AresCube to give you the best possible, custom SkyBlock experience! Join us to play some amazing SkyBlock!

Active Activestaff Customspawn Discord Discordserver Eco Economy Griefprevention Randomteleport Rtp Server Shop Spawnershop Survival Survivalserver Voterewards Votes Votifier Votingrewards

Toxik Gaming – Eco-Survival

We’re a small server with an active Owner! We already have some great features for the server and are looking to add more!

Current features:
Essentials commands for ease of play
GriefPrevention configured to keep you and your buildings safe
GUI Shop so you can shop or sell from home!
Vote rewards and 4 vote sites, vote parties coming soon!
Random teleport with /rtp to find a nice untouched place!

Functional website

Public Discord with text and voice channels set up!

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