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NEW 1.19 World with Proximity chat is available on here + a few quality of life changes

Welcome to the FunnyGuy server (Proximity chat is available on here)

We are a bit diffirent from other servers, which means we are using a few plugins which improves quality of life.

Make sure the read the rules when joining the server, and hopefully you can agree with them, otherwise you’re welcome to leave again.

Everyone is welcome and we like to see new faces on the server.

The end Dimmension has just been reset the 3rd of July 2022 – and the generel overworld started on the 7th of June 2022

The server has a few decoration plugins and quality of life plugins.

– Timber (with fast leaves decay)

– Head Drops (includes all varients of mobs and players)

– RandomTP command to get away from spawn

– Armor stands with arms

– /tpa and sethome etc. (Basic EssentialsX commands) There is a limited 1 home per player.

– Itemframes are able to be toggled invisible
– Creeper explosion are enabled but the damage is getting recovered a few seconds after it blows up

I probably forgot to mention a few things. So join along on our/your Adventure, and lets make some great memories.

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VanillaBean Anarchy [SMP] {Vanilla} {1.19-rc2} {Discord} {16+} {Semi-Anarchy]

Server IP:
Discord Server: Join
No plugins. No datapacks. No nonsense. Just vanilla anarchy.

VanillaBean Anarchy is, you guessed it, an anarchy server running on the latest 1.19 snapshot, release candidate 2. The server will be continually updated as it progresses (1.19 and beyond if interest remains) and runs on Fabric only for server performance enhancing mods, like Sodium, FerriteCore, and soon Lithium and Starlight once they are updated. Gameplay is raw vanilla, meaning no plugins, no datapacks, no nonsense, just vanilla anarchy.

Only rules existing are to keep the Discord server SFW, no harassing members for things that occur on the Minecraft server, no creating machines to intentionally harm the server itself (lag machines, etc.), and our zero-tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, or bigotry. Other than that, anything goes, at least on the Minecraft server, and we encourage you to find new exploits, hack to your heart’s content (so long as it doesn’t harm the server), and be as chaotic as you so desire on the new update!

VanillaBean Anarchy opens tonight at 1am EST / 10pm PST, so there’s only a few hours until the big launch. Come be crazy with us and make new friends! …or enemies. Y’know, whichever is your cup of tea.