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Navy RP – Realistic Naval Roleplay

NavyRP is a upcoming military roleplay server focused on the United States Navy. We are hiring builders and high ranking officers to get the server started.

The server is still under development and not open to the public yet.

We have:

– Real Life Gun Models and Sounds!

– Real Life Moving Ships!

– Realism.

Join our discord server:

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HyperCraft Server


We’re glad to see you’re here and interested in our server! What are we? HyperCraft is a semi medieval roleplay server. We are home to an immersive roleplay experience, that being the core element of the server. While we focus primarily on roleplay, we also focus on the beauty of our ever-growing community. The team here at HyperCraft prides itself on trying to keep our community happy and satisfied. We’ve built friendships and family here at HyperCraft, and many have called it home.

HyperCraft History