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Dragon Dusk

This server is in its testing stage currently.

Dragon Dusk is a dragon block server meant to make people challenge themselves to be become #1.

We have events such as the Tournament Of Power, Destruction God Seeking, Angel Seeking, Elder Kai seeking, and Kai seeking.

We plan to make a lot of custom content so we can release the server with things that make it different.

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Dragon Block Arcane

This is a Minecraft Server based on Dragon ball Z anime using Jins Dragon Block C Mod includes DB and DBZ content as well with DBS, and GT saga in the following updates!

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Dragon Block Ultimate

A Dragon Block C Server That Is In Need Of Staff And Players, We Have The Dragon Ball Z Story, DBZ Movies, Dragon Ball Super, A Mentor System, And Will Soon Have Dragon Ball GT And A What If Story. So Come Join Dragon Block Ultimate

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Dragon Block Elite

Hello there,
Dragon Block Elite is a modded 1.7.10 minecraft server that’s based off of the Dragon Ball sires made by Akira Toriyama. The core mod the server uses is Dragon Block C made by JinRyuu. We have some other mods that help enhance the setting we are trying to make. We made a Modpack on technic for people to use. We have factions so you can enjoy taking over lands you might want or you an spend your time training to become the strongest person on the server. Maybe even try to become a God while at it as well. The server has many things to do and is still being worked on.

Link to the Modpack

1.7.10 Creator Ctm Curse Curseforge Custom Customnpc Customnpcs Dbc Dragonblock Dragonblockc Jrm Mystic Npcs Technicpack

Project: Mystic | DRAGONBLOCK

[center]Last Update: 28.04.2020

“DragonBlockC v1.4.68” (Link:
“JBRA v1.6.42” (Link:
“JRMCore v1.3.29” (Link:
“Armourers Workshop 0.48.3” (Link:
“CustomNPCs 1.7.10d(29oct17)” (Link:

Modpack (Alternatively)
“Modpack” (Link:
(Please note that downloading the Mods separately supports the creator of DBC. Using the Modpack doesnt)


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Dragon Block World

Welcome To Dragon Block C World! A friendly and fun environment which is packed with tons of quests and things to do, you can go through the story of DBZ, fight bosses, hunt and cook animals, raid bandit camps and a lot more. We’ll release major updates every month followed by smaller weekly updates. It’s also not your typical TP grinding server, as your goal isn’t just to get strong, but also to explore the detailed open-world and discover many things and places throughout your adventure. We’ll be releasing on June 12th, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Discord Server Link :

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Dragon Block C Skyblock

The title says it all. We are a DBC – Skyblock mix. Now that might sound weird but it is really
fun and full of potential. Either way, we hope to see you there!

Join our discord for more information!

Our Technic Page:

Also if the IP up there does not work use this one