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-=A Sweet Escape=- A Super Enhanced Survival Economy Server For Adults By Adults – No Pay To Win

Come and enjoy playing the game without having to find your wallet.

With our basic rules, friendly community, and helpful staff we promise that you will love spending time on A Sweet Escape!

We take delight in our close community and having an atmosphere you can chill in! Come build, farm, and experience meeting new friends! Don’t want to be in the same old Minecraft daily grind? Use our helpful plugins to automate some of the more tedious duties!

Check us out! We are certain that you will enjoy your stay!

– Free Fly
– Free Ranks & Perks for Playtime
– Calm Playing Experience
– Fun, Friendly Atmosphere
– Respectful Community
– Reasonable Staff
– Super Enhanced Survival
– Epic Plugins- Farming, Hoppers, Chests, Auto Crafting, & Fishing. Make Bridges, Gates, Elevators, and Bee Farms, and so much more!!
– /shop To Buy and Sell
– Grief Prevention – The golden shovel
– Anti-grief with Rollbacks
– Awesome Discord

SERVER VERSIONS: 1.7 to 1.16.3 although its suggested you play on the more recent MC versions.

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Valhalla [MCMMO] [TownyWar] [BloodMoon] [Pets] [Bounties] [Jobs] [Crates] [1.15.2


Valhalla Towny is a Towny like no other which offers a refferal scheme to all players who come along and invite their friends. You are rewarded per 5 players that join and play. Rewards range from in-game loot to ranks.

Each player has a fox pet to start with 🙂

Valhalla has a great amount of plugins for which provides endless fun for players. It’s a fairly small community at the moment but it’s looking to expand its horizons. Our discord server offers help to any new players who are stuck with commands or have general questions to ask.

Valhalla boasts an in-game ranking system which unlocks you special perks based on the amount of time you spend of the server.

It also boasts 5 amazing donator ranks with everything ranging from pets and player trails to commands and special ability specifically picked for your rank.

Top 12 Plugins included in Valhalla are:

– Votifier (fully functioning with 7 links)
– Blood Moon mobs
– Pets
– Crazy crates
– Shop GUI Plus
– Jobs advanced
– LockettePro
– Beast withdraw (withdraw money into notes)
– Ultimate kits
– More Vaults Plus
– SuperbVote

And lots more…

– No duping of any kind
– No being disrespectful
– Always be kind to other players
– No Advertising
– No Bad language
– No modded clients/ hacks of any kind
– Be ethical
– Use common sense
– No griefing of any kind
– No spamming

This server abides by the rules and will not tolerate breaking of them. Anyone who breaks the rules will be banned.