Faction Factionserver Minecraft Server


Welcome to Dash’s PVP Factions server
MC survival but with multiple teams (factions)
Fight other teams
PluginsEvery month we reset the server
Meet new friends and have fun
Join our discord too and follow us on Insta @sayk.pods

Server Vanilla

gamemodemc is has a lot gamemode server so lets begin

Customdimensions Faction Factions Java Nonpay2win Pve Pvp Server Skyfactions


Welcome to PlainMC!

Custom Datapacks, a unique format and a play-to-win environment make PlainMC the server for you! With tons of unique features, like custom dimensions, the SkyFactions format, hand-made datapacks, and much, much more, what’s there not to love? Our play-to-win format denies any form of pay-to-win, and with the server only starting soon, everyone will be able to strive in this new growing community! Hope to see you soon, on PlainMC!

Keep in mind that the server is currently in Beta and will be released on 15-11-2020

Join our discord server to stay up-to-date with all the server developments!

Interested? Here is a more detailed explanation about PlainMC!

The Unique Features:
SkyFactions: This is a unique dimension where you and everyone else builds their base! This dimension exists completely out of void with just a bedrock platform to land on. Bridge over to a nice spot and start building!

Chunk Guards: Buy a guard from spawn and place it down with you Menu book! With this, everyone in the defined range of the guard will be put into gamemode adventure. Keep in mind that people can still access chests + anyone can shoot it if they’re out of range (it’ll disappear). The twist here is that you are also put in gamemode adventure when you walk in range of your own guard. It’s a really strategical game. Place & protect them wisely!

Golden Realm: The golden realm is a custom dimension with a lot of floating islands, it’s the easiest out of the three Custom Dimensions and this is where you’ll get most of your overworld resources. Watch out for the night of Zone 5 though, you might die without some good armor!

Diamond Realm: The diamond realm is a custom dimension where the Nether is combined with Ice spikes and oceans. It’s a really, really dangerous place to be and i highly suggest bringing some protection 4 diamond armor before going in! All of the nether resources will be available here.

Crystal Realm: Will be there soon

The other not-so-unique features:
Everything’s free: All crates and ranks can be obtained by buying them with in-game money or by participating in Events. This is to keep the server Non-pay2win and fair for every player.

Custom Bosses/Enchantments/Textures: Coming soon!

Any questions about the server? Feel free to contact one of our moderators on the official PlainMC discord server!

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Venturecraft- A Vanilla Experience

VentureCraft is a java 1.16.3+ Vanilla SMP with a small (But Friendly!) community!
Moderatley Established Server, Share new builds and farms with us!
New players who commit are given tools and materials (by their own server members!)
Incredibly friendly, and helpful community.
Includes Shopping District, Nether hub, community projects and events!
Featuring: Some Hermitcraft datapacks, Coreprotect! ,DiscordSrv(links Minecraft and discord chat so you can cross type) and more!
Join this discord server to start!

Note: Whitelist is on

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Timecraft Survival [1.16.4] [Free Rankups] [Land claims] [Friendly] [Crates] [Spawners]

TimeCraft offers 10 free ranks, to get them you use in-game cash that you can easily earn in order to rank up. We also offer a large range of plugins such as Gems, Banks, McMMO, Player shops, Jobs, Grief prevention and everyone’s favourite crates, We also have a nicely built spawn. TimeCraft has a great community that anyone can be apart of some come on an give it a go!




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Sunset bay reborn MC survival server

Recommended files for playing the server

  • shaderpack
  • resourcepack
  • Welcome to Sunset bay reborn MC survival server. Here we build a survival community and you can make friends or make enemies.

    We’re all working hard to expand and grow our world and create a real history playing vanilla survival!

    We also are planning on starting up a mini-game and a creative world!!!

    There are no rules yet, except to not be rude to others and to treat everybody with respect! and do not raid the village lobby I did not add grief protection yet because I am a noob

    I look forward to seeing you there!

    Contentcreators Server Streamer Survival

    Branny’s Vanilla Survival MC Server! (1.16.3)

    Welcome to Branny’s MC Survival server!

    I use this server often for my streams and youtube content. We have a group of long-standing minecrafts (and newbs) who simply love to play survival together!

    We’re all working hard to expand and grow our world and create a real history playing vanilla survival!

    We also are planning on starting up alternate modded survival servers once we feel ready to move on from where we are!

    There are no rules, except to not be rude to others and to treat everybody with respect!

    I look forward to seeing you there!

    Gsit Server Survival

    This is a server that I made about an hour before I posted this. This is a survival server with only five plugins. The plugins are: Essentials, Gsit, LuckPerms, MobStacker, and PlaceItemsOnGroundRebuilt
    No Whitelist
    Hope you have fun playing!

    247survival Activecommunity Multiplayer Newserver Server Survival

    Night Craft: 24/7 Survival 1.16.3 *New*

    Hello! If you are looking for a casual survival server with an active community looking for more members you have come to the right place!

    Server started est. Beginning of October 2020.

    We do have Region Claim and an Economy with other simple commands to help you out!

    Our Discord Info is

    ” rel=”ugc nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    24hours Advancements Apply Brandnew Comminuty Coreprotect Dedicated Devs Discord Free Friendly Friends Hermitcraft Jumbo Lin Minecraft Minecwaft Mumbo Needed New Nolag Nolandclaim Nopay2win Noplugins Notoxicity Now Plugins Poa Prelaunch Prerelease Rinon Safe Semivanilla Server Smp Sol Staff Vanilla Vote Whitelist

    Spice SMP ~ Pre Launch | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | Brand New

    Do you watch Hermitcraft or any other SMP style youtubers? Ever wanted to try out that gameplay? If so this server is here for you. So why us? The answer is pretty simple; there are a lot of SMP servers out there however, majority of those have land claim and pay2win. Not us, not here. We strive ourselves on the main aspects of Minecraft. The grind, the builds, the community and friendships. We have 0 land claim plugins, you are free to roam at will. No pay2win, we do not offer kits for people to purchase. This gives an unfair advantage on others. We like to keep things equal and fair.

    In what ways are we “Semi-Vanilla”? Well we dont have mods and game changing addons, just simple ones to keep things flowing easily and keep players motivated. For example a chat name system based on progress. The more you play and complete the vanilla advancements the higher you are. However, someone at the top tier does not have any advantage over those who are new. Those who work are those who gain.

    Sound interested? We release soon so join the discord and apply now. Have your say in how the server can run. We are a community. Everything is fair.

    Check out our Rules:

    Apply at our Discord:

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