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Looking for a server that stays true to the survival aspect but has just a little bit more? Looking for a server with an economy?

This is the server for you!

Shops to buy and sell your rare goods, Warps to get around to all of the mainstream places and a random teleport to explore the map, Sethomes up to five for all you peeps who like to travel and need to get back to that one specific place and Claims so that the griefers can’t touch your builds! With an almost infinite world, you can rest assured that there won’t be any shortage of supplies or space! There’s so much to see and build, why not come and check it out!!

Multiple leveling ranks!

Staff Ranks!

More updates coming in the morning!

Go check out our discord:

Amberstone Architecture Build City Contemporary Creatif Creative Defroi Fun Modern Rpg Server Survival Traditional




web site :

visit – create – share your passion for architecture

Server is available in 1.14 IP:
You have a question ? join our

Amberstone is now arriving on her 5th birthday, a big thank you to all for your support during these long years !!


– We have different type of gameplay mainly creative (modern, traditional, fantasy, historic project…) but amberstone also have part with survival and rp with quest money …

– Resource pack: We use our own resource pack with connected texture and more 500 3d model: Amberstone 3.0
On our website : Texture pack

– Ranks:
“Citoyen”: Guest (Default Rank). You can go anywhere you want, use warps and build on Plot World, also have world edit..
“Citoyen+”: Second Rank. Build on plotworld, deco, and freebuild world.
“Architecte”: You can build everywhere and use World Edit.
“Guide”: Rank Helper for beginer.
“Mayor”: You are in charge of developing city or district (voxel, set warp)
“Supervisor”: Charge help new builder or developing city.
“Moderateur”: You can promote or demote a player, ban…
“Administrateur”: Administrator.

– Worlds:
Main World: A 16000×16000 Custom World USA style.
Guardia: A 8000×8000 Custom World European style.
Fantasy: 8000×8000 Custom World for medieval and steampunk
Modern: 5000×5000 Custom World for only modern architecture
RoseWood: 5000×5000 Custom World for only Futuristic project
Corsair: Custom World for ship team (different period)
Moscow: World for Moscow project
“Deco”: Solely for storage and testing purposes.
Plot world = free build area for all, plot size : 60×60
MasterPlot world = free build area for architect plot size : 300×300

– Contact:
We use discord :
follow us on Instagram :
follow us on twitter : [
[/url]contact by mail :

– Plugins:
World Edit – Voxel Sniper – Astools – Custom iframe-map – and all plugins needful for server like essential core protect … …

– cracked version ?
Not accept only prenium account !

Thanks! Thanks all staff and member to support this server

See you soon on the server and don’t hesitate send us your question or suggestion!


– Nous avons différents types de jeux principalement créatif (moderne, traditionnel, fantastique, projet historique …) mais amberstone à également une partie avec survie et rp (quêtes monnaie) …

– Texture pack: Nous utilisons notre pack avec de nombreuses textures connectées et plus de 500 modèles 3d – amberstone 3.0
Sur notre website : Texture pack

– Grades:
Citoyen = par défaut vous pouvez visiter les mondes, utiliser les warp et construire sur le plot world World edit est maintenant disponible dès votre arrivée.
Citoyen+ = grade sur demande pour avoir accès à WE sur le plot world et ou accès a la carte deco
Architecte = vous pouvez construire partout et utiliser WorldEdit
Guide = Grade helper pour aider les nouveaux
Maire = Il gère sa ville ou son quartier même droit que architecte + l’édition des Warp et Voxel
Superviseur = personne en charge des l évolution des nouveaux joueurs et du developpement global des mondes
Modérateur = gestion des grades et du bon comportement des membres
Administrateur = toutes les commandes

– Mondes:
Monde créatif = Monde principal 16000×16000 (carte customisée) style USA
Guardia = Monde Customisé 8000×8000 (carte customisée) Style Europeen
Fantaisie: Monde customisé 8000×8000 pour le médiéval et steampunk
Moderne: Monde customisé 5000×5000 exclusivement moderne
RoseWood: Monde customisé 5000×5000 Futuriste divers
Corsair: Monde dédié a la team bateau
Moscou: Monde pour le projet Moscou
Deco = stock et test
Plot world = zone construction libre, plot de 60×60
MasterPlot = zone construction libre, plot de 300×300

– Contact:
Nous discutons principalement discord :
suivez nous sur notre twitter :
Suivez nous sur instagram :


[​/url]- Plugins:
World Edit – Voxel Sniper – Astools – Custom iframe-map – et tout les plugins concernant le bon deroulement d’un serveur – essential core protect … …

– Version cracké ?
Non, uniquement les comptes prénium

Remercîment ! Merci à tout le staff et les membres pour le support envers le serveur

A très bientôt sur le serveur et n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer vos questions ou suggestions!

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BartyRealms Towny Earth

Come play with us!

IP Address:

Live Map:

Work together to build an empire that will stand the test of time!

Conquer the world — Alone or with others!

BartyRealms is a Minecraft community that has been running for nearly two years now. Over the years, the community has grown around our Minecraft server. The history of BartyRealms is very long, but where
does your chapter begin? Join today and discover a server that has been designed from the ground up to be fun and enjoyable to all players. Whether you want to play by yourself and have a chat with other players or work with a large town to create something truly special — the choice is yours. BartyRealms is run by Extremely experienced professionals who have been doing this for a very long time. You can expect reliability, strong gameplay, a great community, and much more if you decide to join us. There are updates every single day that help make the server even better than it already is. We frequently poll features that players have come up with. The server is completely configured around what our players want and our focus above all else is making sure you have a good time on our server.

We pride ourselves in an extremely balanced player driven economy where the only way to make money is through playing the game effectively. There are many ways to make money on our server, and we consistently monitor the economy to prevent extreme inflation or other unbalanced things. Additionally, we have a load of custom plugins that we develop ourselves to make the experience on our server truly unique.

Main Features:
Earth Map, Playervaults, Achievements, Perks System, Prefix System, mcMMO 2.0, Lottery, ChatGames, Auctions, Cosmetics, Towny, Player Driven Economy, Custom Plugins, and so much more!

115server Currency Emeralds Multiplayer Ranks Server Survival

Spaticx Survival

Spaticx Survival is a 1.15.2 survival Minecraft server whose goal is to deliver the intended multiplayer experience to its player base. We do not have a normal currency, our Server Currency is completely out of emeralds and tokens!

To make sure that this server is suited to your expectations, please read what we offers below:

  • Simplistic spawn; our spawn is small, simple, and straightforward.
  • Simplistic commands; we give our players access to a few custom commands. Most of the commands have GUI’s
  • Balanced staff; the moderators don’t have access to game-changing commands, and will play the game legitimately just like you do. Even the owners plays the game like anybody else.
  • Combat Arena; Want to fight other players? this is the place to be!
  • Grief prevention; Never get your builds griefed!
  • Opened 24/7; unless a maintenance is going on, you’re always free to connect and play.
  • Categories
    Class Classes Creative Disguise Dvz Dwarf Dwarves Minigame Public Pvp Server Survival Team Team Pvp Zombies

    Dwarves Vs Zombies – DvZ Server – The LihP Network

    DvZ Server – Dwarves vs Zombies – PvP mini game – Pubic Server

    Play Minecraft as a monster! You will look like the monster and have it’s abilities.SummaryThe PvP game mode DvZ involves two teams, the dwarves and the zombies. The dwarves must defend their three shrines and prevent the zombies from conquering them, the game ends when the zombies conquer the final shrine or the last dwarf falls. The zombies are assisted by many monster classes each with unique abilities and disguises.

    Recent changes
    New dwarf classes, you can now be one of many dwarves including Blacksmith, Alchemist, Lumberjack and Tailor. Earn dwarven gems while playing and gain weapon upgrades from other classes.

    New Mini-games MVM, MVD and a random Party server!

    Summary: Action packed Team based PvP Game!

    Dwarves vs Zombies itemsImage Spellbook, right click to cycle through available spells, left click to use a spell.
    Image Teleport tool, when stood at a wall of dwarven stone simply right click.
    Image Repair tool, just stand still and left click to repair all your items.

    Dwarves vs Zombies Commands/Play – Explains how to use items.
    /Info – Full Game information.
    /Rules – Learn them to stay in the Game.
    /Credits – See how the Community have helped.
    /Donate – Learn how you can help the Community.Links
    Support us and earn VIP access!

    How to vote

    2. Remember to enter you Minecraft username correctly.

    3. Check your vote was successful, each websites will only let you vote once a day.

    4. Type /reward in game.

    You will need to join using Minecraft 1.8 to play PvP games like DvZ.

    Awesome Cool Craft Creative Drops Fac Facs Factionpvp Factions Fun Gadgets Games Great Help Hub Join King Lobby Minecraft Nice Parkour Plot Plotworld Plugin Pve Pvp Rank Ranks Server Serverlist Shops Sky Skyblock Skywars Staff Sub Survival Vote Voteparty Youtube



    1.12.2 – 1.15.2



    Creative Mode

    1.12.2 – 1.15.2


    Auctionhouse Coreprotect Crates Custom Customenchants Customworld Dungeons Economy Essentials Ewg Friendly Fun Headdatabase Heads Jobs Kits Mcmmo Minecraft Modified New Playerwarps Pve Server Silkspawners Smp Staff Survival Teleportation Treeassist Worldgenerator

    Per Ardua | 2x mcMMO exp | Dungeons | SilkSpawners | Vaults | VeinMiner | Anti-Grief

    Hey! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. As of right now, it’s not much, but I hope that in time I’m able to grow this server into something great. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, pm me, or join the discord and ask there!

    Per Ardua: Alpha 1.0
    Minecraft: 1.15.2
    Discord: zBe4HfU

    • Unlockable Chat Tags
    • Unlockable Chat Colours
    • Auction House
    • CoreProtect
    • Custom Enchantments
    • mcMMO
    • mcMMO Redeemable Credits
    • Jobs
    • Dungeons
    • Head Database
    • Player Warps
    • Smoother Sleeping
    • Better Fishing
    • Random Teleportation
    • Silk Spawners
    • Player Vaults
    • Vein Miner
    • Tree Falling *
    • Crates *
    • Player Driven Economy *

    * These are currently being worked on.

    Alluminus Build Community Friendly Mature Minecraft Nice Professional Server Small Survival

    Alluminus Community Survival

    Alluminus Community Survival
    Brought to you by Chr Corporation

    Mission Statement:
    We are a small server with a friendly long standing community. We have been open for more than 5 years and have no intention of going anywhere. Our vision it to create a unique server with just the right dosage of plugins. We strive to maintain a clean professional atmosphere while still keeping things lighthearted.

    We know what we are doing. Our staff consists of multiple people who have been playing and managing Minecraft servers for years. This server is privately owned and we handle nearly every aspect from hosting to on-demand plugin development. We only work with the best people and always encourage the staff to give players as much freedom as possible so long as order can be maintained.

    We have countless plugins installed, but here are some highlights:

    This quick plugin whipped up by one of our developers not only kills phantoms but exterminates them. Permanently.

    These are not only a great way to boost street-cred but also can earn you valuable in game currency that can be used to buy everything from ranks to rainbow leather armor.

    Super abilities always come in handy from time to time, and the competition of trying to outdo others on their skill leveling comes with some good banter. This is truly a classic plugin and we couldn’t go on without it.

    What better way to deal with an obnoxious neighbor than taking them out with a simulated Minecraft gun? This plugin has been used on a quite a few mini-games servers. Despite not being a mini-games server, the second we heard guns in Minecraft, we just had to have it.

    LWC + CoreProtect + DeathChest:
    While a good murder comes in handy every now and then, we don’t allow griefing or excessive killing. These plugins allow you to lock chests, save items when you die, and repair builds that get griefed by low-life hoodlums.

    Chest Shop:
    Player shops are always encouraged and there is a public shopping mall right at the center of spawn where you can buy shops for reasonable prices and sell items.

    1. No griefing
    2. No spamming
    3. No advertising
    4. No excessive killing of players
    5. Swearing is permitted within reason

    We are pretty laid back and use punishing players as a last resort.
    In general, don’t be an idiot is a good rule of thumb.

    Our Community:
    One of the biggest things we pride ourselves in, is our growing close-knitted community of different and interesting people. Minecraft is far more fun with a social side! There is never a dull moment at Alluminus.

    Join our community today!

    Community Fun Minecraft Oxeye Server Smp Survival Whitelist

    Oxeye Survival (Whitelist)

    We are small white listed community server of chill players who are looking for others to become a part of our community! We have a dedicated staff team who are frequently active on the server, along with a small player base spanning all around the world 😊. If you are seeking a chill multiplayer survival experience and Oxeye seems like a community you would like to become a part of, then feel free to drop an application down below. We look forward to seeing you on the server!! 😄


  • CoordinatesHUD
  • CoreProtect
  • EssentialsX
  • PermissionsEx
  • TrophyHeads
  • BetterSleeping
  • Dynmap
  • LimitPillagers
  • PlayerParticles
  • Votifier
  • DiscordSRV
  • (Some more plugins may be added at a later date)

    Basic Rules:

    1: Don’t be an ass (Yes this includes chat spam and advertising)

    2: No Greifing or Stealing

    3: No Cheats, Hacks or Xray of any kind (Minimap and Optifine mods are allowed)

    4: No building in the spawn area without permission.

    5: No building right up on someone else unless both parties agree

    6: Have fun! (Hope to see you on the server 😊)


    To apply click the link below!

    (Once accepted, you will also be invited into the server discord)

    Antigrief Community Minecraft New Semivanilla Server Survival


    ~ Bastion Minecraft ~

    The next interpretation of survival craft


    We get it, we really do. You’re tired of Minecraft aren’t you? The endless server hopping. The pay to win “OP” servers, the endless amount of “networks” being set up by 12 year olds that are too invested in daddy’s credit card, Minecraft really just doesn’t feel like Minecraft anymore does it?
    Whoever you are, wherever you came from. Thank your lucky stars that you’ve found us because we’re also tired of all the garbage, we too, miss the nostalgia of loading up your first singleplayer world back in inf dev, alpha, beta, whichever era you come from.
    Again, let me welcome you to Bastion MC where our motto is that we’re the “Last Bastion in Gaming” and more specifically in Minecraft. We aim to offer you that old feeling of playing Minecraft in a community where players interact with one another on the basis of trust and friendship. We aren’t “insert ridiculous giant server name here” we’re simply a small scale Survival Minecraft Server put together by people like you, who just want to play the game the way it was meant to be played.
    BastionMC is the final product of my 5 years of playing Minecraft. Everything that I’ve ever learned, experienced, or felt while playing this game has been poured into this server to give you the best possible playing experience we can create. Along with the help of Cbfstudios, another long time Minecraft player and fan, we’ve pooled our knowledge together to take all the best aspects of modded Minecraft and put the bits we enjoy, and we think you’ll enjoy, into a server based in vanilla Minecraft.
    From our keyboards to yours, I present to you, player, Bastion MC.

    We have a Discord Server if you’re looking for more information:

    Here’s some pictures for those who want to see:

    This is our spawn! You can find everything useful here! Shops, plugin information, and everything else!

    These are some more pictures from around our spawn showcasing its beauty and some more of the interesting areas within!

    This is where you’ll end up once you make the drop. Exit the small protected shelter and you’re now in natures hands, and boy can she be cruel. Watch yourself out there. This legacy is yours to make.

    We hope you have the best time here! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you!

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