Dreamsmpprison Dreamsp Lifesteal Prison Survival Wheelzrealzmcfonzall4btw

Thatsmynames lifesteal smp season 2

join the discord for the rules or better rules xd

1. No hacking this includes X-ray and such things (1 week ban) unless proper hacking which is permanent ban
2. No disrespecting admins (warn)
3. No racism (warn)
4. No killing new players for 1 hour (Unless they steal or grief , warn / 1 week ban if fully killed)
5. No spamming (warn)
6. No duping (warn and duped items destroyed)
7. No irl threats (warn)
8. Keep cursing to a minimum
9. No waging war on someone for no reason (must have a reason)
10. No advertising (warn) 11. no tpa traps (warn)
3 warns will result in a 1 week back,after a one week ban if you get banned again you will get a month’s ban and after that is a permanent ban (These are the official rules approved by thatsmynaame and will still be enforced by me) @everyone

plus onwer of this server isnt mcfonz and wheelzealz there 4 years old and they abuse