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Vegan Life

Vegan Life

Hi there, adventurer!

Do you care about animals and the planet in general? Are you a serious vegan that want to connect with other likeminded people? Then you’ve come to the right place. Vegan Life is a small Minecraft community where we play survival and have fun together. There are only 2 plugins used in total and they are there to ensure everyone’s safety. CoreProtect logs every action. GriefPrevention prevents spam and enables claiming.

How do I join?
The server is utilizing the whitelist and therefore you need to send in an application to us.
Before applying, we require you to be a part of the official Vegans of Reddit Discord server (please note that this server is not an official server of theirs). Once you’ve joined, send the application to either Fredrik or Plagmatics, we are regularly active so you should be able to find us easily. Use the template defined below.

Why you want to join:

Discord invitation link:

Hope to see you soon!