Community Modified Precious Pvp Stones Survival

MyMinecraft – Enhanced Survival – New Map – 1.15

Our Server Address Is:

  • Monsters/Animals/PVP: Yes
  • Max Players: 200
  • Server Mod: Bukkit / spigot
  • Active Forum!:
  • White list: No — Simply read the rules while in game
  • Protect chests simply by putting a sign on them!

    Start off into the world with a starter kit, and make you way through the world on foot, horse, minecart, or even travel by nether. Venture off and make your own town or city with towny or precious stone. Buy, sell, or trade items with other minecraft players; build the dream house you all ways wanted without fear that someone will destroy your stuff.

    We have a great mod team that respects the players and will take all the time you need for any questions, and help you move forward on our server.

    If you have questions on how to use any of the stuff on our server, PLEASE ask, you can also /ticket open, for help, or ask in game and someone should help. Our website also have a ton of useful info on how to do things.



  • No Advertising
  • No Griefing
  • No Xraying!
  • Be Respectful to other players
  • No Fly Mods
  • No Caps
  • We have discord, linked to gamechat)

    We’ve been around since September of 2010, started out with hMod, so plenty of admin experience around the server.
    We have a long standing member following, and plan to continue even further into the future.
    Recently the server got a HUGE hardware upgrade.
    Come visit the server!
    Hope to see you all soon!

    Additional Notes
    Our primary focus is survival. We take great strides in trying to have a balanced server. Come give us a shot, we’re a great little community, welcoming to new players. Come give us a try!

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